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What are The Different Types of Visas That Exist?

What are The Different Types of Visas That Exist?

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What are The Different Types of Visas That Exist?

A visa is a traveling document needed to enter or live in a country. You need a visa if you have plans to travel out. It is one of the essential documents required for travel. Every visa has its purpose or what it serves. Before you apply for it, you must know what kind of visa you need and what it entails.

Visa and passport go together. You can’t use your visa without a passport, which is more like a visa ticket. It would help if you had a visa before traveling to the United States, and you must get a visa that matches what you are going for, or else you will be denied access.

There are different types of visas. You apply based on what you are traveling for.

Types of visa

Below are the categories of traveling visas:

* Non-immigrant visas ( For noncitizens, you can’t be a citizen of the country)

* Immigrant visas ( You can become a citizen of the country).

Type of visa        Description

Type #1:               Tourist visa (pleasure travel visa)

Type #2:               Immigration and naturalization visas (including by marriage)

Type #3:               Student visas (for studying abroad)

Type #4:               Business or work visas (for working, which includes both non-immigrant and immigrant types)

This visa is found in every part of the world, although the requirements for getting it might differ.

1. Tourist visa

Tourist Visas to the United States

A tourist visa is for travelers who go for research purposes or sightseeing. The visa is meant for researchers to authorize you to research or sightseeing. It could be for vacation.

As easy as it sounds, this visa is not easy to obtain. Though the U.S. tries to simplify it, not everyone can travel to the United States without being given a permit. Not everyone can get this visa in their entire life to travel.

2. Immigration Visa Requirements: Obtaining Permanent Residence in the U.S.

An immigration visa gives you the authority to live permanently in a country. It is related to the process involved in naturalization and citizenship. However, immigration does not mean you are a citizen.

You must have heard someone talk about a “Green Card.” This green card refers to an immigration type of visa. But note that you can’t be granted citizenship with a green card.

A green card enables you to live and work in another country and is a prerequisite for citizenship.

The process of obtaining citizenship, which is also naturalization, is the last stage of becoming a citizen of the United States. Once you have a green card, you must wait for at least five years before applying for citizenship.

Upon completion of naturalization, all full rights, laws, and acknowledgments are granted. This enables the individual to travel to every other country as a United States citizen.

There are different ways to get an immigrant visa they are as follows You can obtain it through:

* Family

*  Employment

* Investment

* Diversity lottery

*  Refugee or asylum status

*  Registry

*  Director of the CIA

This visa allows noncitizens to live in a country.


A few countries in the United States that demand a pre-approved visa include Brazil, India, China, Russia, and most African countries.

Immigration visas are the most difficult visas to obtain. Many people might not be able to get this visa for the rest of their lives.

3. Student Visa

A student visa is meant for students who want to study abroad. Although some might say traveling is part of education, a student visa is for the sole purpose of learning, irrespective of the reason you travel.

This visa is based on the years you intend to study and its requirements.

4. Work Visa

The work visa is the most difficult to obtain among the others. This is basically for those traveling for business and work.

It’s challenging to obtain because the government does not want its citizens to dominate the business line.

The United States is very strict about this type of visa; it requires a lot. There are different types of work visas, which are depicted in the alphabet.









Every country wants its citizens to be prioritized when it comes to working. Nevertheless, if you have a personal business, you can also get one of these visas for your business.

If you are a citizen of the United States, you have to search for locations and their requirements for the work visa because they differ.

Note: Working visas could either be immigrant or non-immigrant.

5. Change or Adjustment of Status: Going from One Visa to Another

Your status could change while in the country, and you must update it. You can extend your stay if you are supposed to leave soon.

Suppose you came for temporary work but extended your stay after work. You can apply for a non-immigrant visa to enable you to stay longer.

You might meet someone you get involved with, which could lead to marriage. In this case, you will need to change your status. Perhaps you have got a better job that will require a longer time.

You could have traveled abroad for your studies because of your performance or skill, which would have given you the opportunity to work. However, you must apply for a work visa because your student visa won’t permit you to study and work except on campus.


These are the different types of visas and their functions. You can get anyone, depending on the one that suits what you are going for and if you meet the requirements.

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