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13 Common Visa Application Mistakes You Should Avoid


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13 Common Visa Application Mistakes You Should Avoid

Visa application involves a lot of process and requires some criteria too, so when applying you have to be careful to avoid making mistakes that will cost you a lot. There are little errors that might occur in the process of applying and registering for a visa. This errors might delay or terminate your visa application.

In order to avoid these errors that will cause hiccups in visa application, below are some tips to guide you in the course of your registration.

Common Mistakes in Visa Application

1.Attestation of bank statements

When applying for visa you need your bank statements. Your bank statement shows that you are financially stable for traveling and it plays an important role in the approval or rejection of visa. “A lot of travelers are often not aware of this and making sure it’s attested it’s very necessary” says Aggarwal.

2.Ensure availability of documents beforehand

The process of visa application involves you having all the documents required. Shikhar Aggarwal, Joint MD, BLS International, emphasized on this she says “Each country’s tourism website has a country-specific checklist for the documentation”. These documents vary based on the requirements of different countries. It needs to be submitted along with the application form. If any of the documents are missing, there are chances the visa process will be delayed.

3.Check the status of your passport.

During visa application the validity of your visa will be checked. In this case you have to check for the visa status to know when it will expire and when to renew it. “Most countries need a passport with validity of at least six months from the date of expiration. So, one should check if the passport will expire soon and try to renew else the visa application would be rejected,” says Aggarwal.

4.Make sure to Apply for a visa well before your travels

Prior to your trip do well to apply for a visa because it’s your gate pass.

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5.Apply Early before time

“Every country has a different turnaround time for visa processing, which also depends on the travel season rush. When you fill out a form at the last minute, it may not follow the checklist properly,” Aggarwal says. He also adds, “Many countries accept visa applications 90 days prior to your travel. So, applying for a visa beforehand helps you to get rid of any unforeseen delays.”

“According to the revised Schengen Visa Code, effective 02 February 2020, you can apply for a Schengen visa up to 6 months before your date of travel. Particularly this year with higher demand and limited appointment slots available, we urge applicants to apply for their visa as early as possible,” say the experts from VFS Global.

“Each country has a different timeline for its visa processing, and these timelines are clearly mentioned on their websites. Here you have the information required to apply for your visa well in advance. Be aware that during peak season visa processing can take longer than anticipated, hence apply early,” adds the VFS team.

6.Avoid incorrect details and data mismatch

A very big mistake most people make is not proofreading their information. A lot of applications are rejected because of wrong details such as name, address, spellings etc. So it’s important you fill in official details carefully and proofread before submitting your application.

7.Ensure that you fill out all details correctly

Make sure you supply the right information required. The wrong details will make your application to decline.

8.Regarding a Schengen visa

A good number of travelers normally have a layover in one of the European Union member states. Because is just a layover, travelers might become confused as regards the visas. “A Schengen airport transit visa is mandatory for travelers with a stopover in France, Spain, Germany, and the Czech Republic. This mandate has been in place for many years now,” say the experts at VFS Global.


Once you have been scheduled for visa interview, the embassy will give you time and venue for the interview. A major thing the embassy detest is wrong details and nonchalant attitude from applicants. Always arrive the embassy early enough at least few minutes before the scheduled time for interview. Early arrival will help you settle down and help you prepare for the questions you will be asked.

In all avoid any distraction that will make you arrive late. Move early enough to skip the traffic on the way.

10.Inappropriate Answers

A very terrible mistake most people make is not giving correct answers during interview. You should have a clue on how the interview will be like, you should be prepared for the interview questions. Make research on the kind of questions to expect and prepare the answers to avoid going off track. The fact is if you have no clue about the questions, you will definitely give incorrect answers. When you are clueless you start fumbling making lots of errors.

This is the reason you should get familiar with the common Schengen visa interview questions, so you can prepare and give the right answers. Prepare your answers prior to the scheduled date for interview. To make it easier for you, pen down your answers to help you recall. In the course of your interview don’t use it and do not act like you have cramped the answers.

It is worthy to note that when you are asked a question don’t take long to answer. They might perceive untruthfulness in your answer.

11.Skipping Questions or giving False Answers

Anytime you apply for a Schengen visa, the interview is done to know you better and your details will be correctly filed. It’s wrong to skip a question you were asked during the interview even if it’s a tough question. When you give fake details about yourself it won’t help you, because the interviewer will confirm your details on your form.


Acting nervous will ruin your interview. You need to be confident during your interview. A bad mood will make you loose your chances, even if your documents are complete and you appear great.

Talking about your achievements, making too much noise are not necessary. It’s wrong to give some undue gesticulations during the interview it sends a wrong signal.

In order to avoid this situation, it’s advisable you calm your nerves and arrive the embassy very early. It will prevent restlessness and make you feel comfortable in front of your interviewer. Try to organize your speech, you don’t need too much grammar to impress them.

13.Disagreeing With The Visa Official

Another mistake is arguing with the interviewer. Don’t try to raise your voice or speak rudely to the interviewer. It shows disrespect to the authority and how unofficial you are.

Even if you want to prove a point don’t sound irrational or rude. Speak calmly and nicely, speak with respect .


Mistakes can ruin your entire plans make sure you do the needful. When you take note of these mistakes your visa application will be so smooth.

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