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Unexpected Traveling Expenses And How To Avoid Them

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Unexpected Traveling Expenses And How To Avoid Them

Traveling involves lots of expenses. Some are what you planned for while others are unexpected expenses that come up when you least expect them. These side expenses or additional fees make you spend above what you budgeted for.

The good news is you can avoid them if you want to. Although some are inevitable. But no matter what it is, one can skip most of the side expenses we are faced with.

Below are some unexpected traveling expenses and how to avoid them:

1. Extra Baggage Fees

Extra Baggage can increase your charge fee, it might look insignificant but it will cost you more to transport them mostly when you are traveling with multiple airlines. They always have their charge fee based on the size of your baggage. They also have limited weight and size of luggage they carry.

Research the weight and size of baggage you are limited to travel with before stocking your travel bag. You should also go through your ticket to check if you are permitted to travel with luggage.

2.Patio fees

Patio fees

A patio is a paved outside area, adjoining a house, used for dining or recreation. It is more expensive to sit outside a restaurant in Europe.

it is very common for some places in Italy to charge you for sitting outside when drinking your coffee. Even in Spain people are charged for sitting on the patio outside rather than the one inside.

Some restaurants would indicate the additional charge for Patio at the bottom side of their menu. You can use sites like Yelp to check for Patio and it’s charge.

3.Debit/Credit card fees

Debit and credit cards comes with charges too. Most banks includes charges for non-customers. Travelers that doesn’t have travel cards pay more. However some international trip take charges for purchase.

The easiest way to avoid this extra expenses is to get a travelers card that will cover for your withdrawal or other bank transaction.


An emergency can come up at anytime, this is one thing you can’t skip. Traveling emergency can arise at anytime. You might fall I’ll or have an accident. This incident are unpredictable, you have to plan for it incase it happens.

In other to be safe when you travel, buy a travel insurance, take some preventive drugs and vaccines to avoid contacting infection.


Find out on the transport means that’s available for your location, so you know how to plan your budget. Check if a train or metro is available, How they run their local bus, What kind of transport facility do they have? Is there private cabs?  Can someone hire a motorcycle for personal use?

Make proper enquires online to avoid been stalk when you are about to travel. Be informed and know their popular and easiest means of transportation. Also ask why they use a particular means of transportation more than the rest.

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6.Trip cancellation

Cancelling trips is also an additional expenses although it’s not always and most times it’s beyond your control. A lot of things might be the reason, maybe the business meeting was later postponed, bad weather condition, volcano eruption, sudden landslide, altered plans, etc. These and many more are unforeseen circumstances that may lead to cancellation of trip.

To avoid wasting fund, make enquiries if the airline refund money if the trip is cancelled and also for the hotel/resort reservation you wish to book for.

Some airlines transport company and hotel have an easy process of handling such cases, you can just place a call or visit them in person if need be. While others may ask for additional fee for rescheduling your flight, most times it’s a little fee you pay. There are still few that refund your ticket fee, it all depends on their traveling policies.

Hotels also have their terms and conditions. Some even go as far as requesting for insurance fee or persuade you to buy an hotel insurance should in case your flight was cancelled. This will save you money. Make enquires first before you go ahead to book.

7.Hotel booking fees

Hotel booking also comes with extra fees at times. Some hotels add charges for other services they render to you apart from the usual hotel booking fee. This might be a bit shocking especially when you have a specific target you have in mind.

So, before you finally book make sure you go through all the processes involved, to avoid unexpected extra charge. The fees are always broken down just go down and check the total price before you make payment.

8.Hotel city taxes

Some places like Europe charge for hotel accommodation together with city taxes. It is called “Tourist tax”. The price range differs depends on the number of persons. Most times it’s paid when you arrive your residence.

Instead of having to pay for what you never budgeted for ask the host if they have tourist tax fee they charge their customers.


Tipping is also another form of unexpected charge although it’s not common. Some hotels add charges to the bill. This might alter your budget. Confirm if there they add tip charges to the booking fee or to the food you buy from them.

10.Uber charge fee

Uber charges are more expensive compared to publish fares. You wouldn’t want to spend extra after making a budget for your trip. There might be an additional charge on Uber fee and even for cabs during season of city unrest, riots etc. Uber and cabs can charge higher.

To avoid being a victim, ask for their taxes fare, they all have a particular rate which they all follow. Familiarise yourself with their charges so you won’t be scammed. Also ask if there is a present incident that might warrant an increment. If the charge is high then take a public transport fare like a shuttle or bus.

11.Currency Exchange

Currency exchange have a charge fee, which differs for countries. Don’t travel with your country’s conversation fee in mind only.

Make use of a currency exchange converter to get the exchange rate of your destination. It’s less expensive to exchange money in the location where you are traveling to than doing it at your place of residence. The charge is lesser within the location than from other places.

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