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Travel Essential List

Travel Essential List


Travel Essential List

Traveling is fun, but there are preparations and planning that follow. You need some stuff to travel with, no matter how short the trip is. Many people find this a bit more challenging. Traveling with items or luggage is more like a burden to some people.

Some even find it difficult to know precisely what to travel with. Others are fond of forgetting important things.

If you belong to this category, below is a list of travel essentials, which includes the important things you need while traveling. This list will guide you on what to bring when traveling.

Essential things to travel with

1. Passport

2. Luggage

3. Keys

4. Water bottle

5. Sunglasses

6. Cash and credit cards

7. Health insurance card

8. Travel insurance info

9. Photo ID

10. Itinerary, ticket, and reservation info

11. Phone and charger

12. Snacks

13. Cash and cards

14. Copies of Travel Documents

15. list of emergency contacts

16. Face mask

17. Antibacterial wipes

18. Phone or laptop charger

19. Portable battery is

20. Medication (optional)

21. Make-up kits

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Personal items

♠ Toothbrush and toothpaste

♠ Floss

♠ Prescription medications

♠ Feminine hygiene products

♠ Lip balm

♠ Makeup

♠ Jewelry

♠ Shampoo and conditioner

♠ Soap or body wash

♠ Deodorant

♠ Razor or shaving kit

♠ Sunscreen

♠ Glasses or contacts and solution

♠ Hairbrush or comb

♠ Hair elastics or bobby pins

♠ Tissues

♠ Basic first aid kit with painkillers, moleskin, allergy medication, adhesive bandages, methylated spirit, cotton wool, etc.

♠ Handy travel extras

♠ Quick-dry towel

♠ Earplugs and eye mask

♠ Travel pillow

♠ Hand sanitizer

♠ Book or e-reader

♠ Portable umbrella

♠ Camera with charger

♠ Laptop or tablet (optional)

♠ Auxiliary cord, if you will be driving.

♠ Headlamp

♠ Headphones

♠ Watch

♠ Journal and pen

♠ Money belt

♠ Guidebook, map, or travel apps

♠ Luggage lock

 Portable power bank

This will serve as a backup charger to help you charge your phone in case there is a power failure or you find yourself in a place where there is no light to charge it. There might be an emergency, and you need your phone, and at that moment, your battery is low.

Insect repellent

You will need this if the environment has a lot of insects and mosquitoes, especially in riverine areas. You wouldn’t want to fall I’ll when you get there.


Get enough clothes to last you for the number of weeks or months you will be staying. Research the weather so you know what clothes to travel with. Do your laundry to avoid getting new clothes for your Trip when it’s not necessary; it will also save you money.

Some necessary clothes to travel with:

♠ T-shirts or tank tops

♠ Bras, including a sports bra

♠ Bathing suit

♠ Lightweight fleece, sweater, or cardigan

♠ Water-resistant or waterproof jacket with a hood

♠ Pants, leggings, or jeans

♠ Shorts for hot weather or workouts

♠ Nice shoes or boots

♠ Running or trail shoes

♠ Flip flops

♠ Long-sleeved shirts

♠ A dressy piece: a versatile dress or skirt, or a collared shirt

♠ Pajamas

♠ Underwear

♠ Socks

♠ Hat or toque

♠ Scarf or neck gaiter

Other essential items to go with:

1. Airplane Seat Cover

Many airplane seats are padded with fabric. Dusting and cleaning might be inconvenient, so it is preferable to go with a seat cover.

2. Sleeping Mask

If you are among those who sleep when traveling,, you might find sleeping difficult. But with the sleeping mask, you can rest assured of a sound sleep. The mask prevents the flashlight from reflecting in your eyes.

3. Blanket

This is optional but also important because the air conditioning in airplanes might make the plane so cold. It would help if you traveled with a blanket that can cover the length of your body to avoid being cold on a long flight.

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