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Top 10 Basic Scholarship Requirements

Basic Scholarship Requirements


Top 10 Basic Scholarship Requirements

Do you want to apply for a scholarship and need details on the basic requirements for a Scholarship application?

Searching for a Scholarship is not the only work involved when you want to apply for one. You need to have full details about the requirements to qualify you for the application.

So, if you have been searching for Scholarship requirements to enable you to apply for one, below are some basic requirements you need.

♠ Completed scholarship application form. 

♠ Copy of passport/ID. 

♠ Copies of transcripts/diplomas.

♠ Statement of Purpose/Letter of motivation. 

♠ Letter of recommendation (1 or 2) 

♠ CV (Curriculum Vitae)/Resume. 

♠ Standardized test scores.

♠ Admission letter

♠ Details of next of kin

♠ Letter of intent

1. Report Card or Transcript of Records

Your report sheet or transcript with your grades will be needed. For fresh students in college, a copy of your secondary school results will be okay. Your results from the previous session will be requested for those in the second, third, or fourth year.

Every Scholarship has a cutoff mark for the grades they expect from applicants. It’s usually within the 85% or more range in every subject, although some accept 83%.

2. A Written Essay

Another essential requirement is writing an essay. Some Scholarship schemes typically ask for an essay; they do this to know how good you are at writing. They choose the topic you are to write on. An example is the Iskolar ni Juan scholarship offered by the Gokongwei Brothers Foundation; they ask students to write an essay on why they should be offered a Scholarship.

Some scholarships center on a particular course, such as Hult International School’s Entrepreneurship Impact Scholarship.

They also request that applicants answer innovative-based questions for intending entrepreneurs. Whichever one you are given, concentrate on it and write a creative essay. Because it’s a competition, you need to be outstanding so you will win.

3. Letter of intent

The letter of intent is another option for an essay. If you are not asked to write an essay, you might be asked to write a letter of intent. This letter is about your purpose for applying for the scholarship.

You might feel it’s the same, but writing an essay requires more creativity before you can write something meaningful. A letter of intent is easier to write because it’s direct. You are writing about why you want the scholarship so you can easily come up with something. All you need to do is know how to address your needs formally.

4. Photocopy of Diploma

A photocopy or photocopies of your higher certificate, which is proof that you have graduated, is also needed. So, if you are applying for a scholarship to further your education, you have to submit photocopies of your diploma results.

5. Certifications

Apart from those above, some scholarships request a certification from your school authority stating your grade or cumulative GPA/GWA. These GPA/GWA certifications and the percentage of equivalent grades from past schools should also be included.

Others might request certification of leadership experience together with any Awards received or achievement/ acknowledgement from your school. You could state if you were an executive of any school office or if you had conducted or attended any seminar.

6. Online Application Form

A lot of schools have application sites that are quite accessible online, provided you have a good network connection. You can download the form, fill out your details online, and submit it to your choice of schools.

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7. ID-sized Photo of Yourself

A passport or passports will also be needed, make sure you get the exact size of the passport and the color background.

8. Certificate of Good Moral Character

Some Scholarship schemes require a certificate of good conduct to ensure you don’t have a bad record. They will also request a grade based on your academic performance in school.

9. Income Tax Return or Certificate of Indigency

You might also be asked to provide evidence stating you need financial assistance. On this note, it’s expected that your family income should not exceed $20 to $25 monthly. They want to know if your family can’t afford to sponsor you in school.

10. Proof of Citizenship

Some Scholarship may request of proof of citizenship to show that you a true citizen. Based on this, you will need a Voter’s identity card of your parents, which you will be told to submit, and if the city has an identity card, you might need to submit that as well.

11. Admission letter

You will be asked to provide the school admission letter given to you, stating you were admitted and that you are a bona fide student of the school.

12. You might be asked to provide your next of kin details.


All Scholarships have requirements and criteria, so if you want to be qualified to apply, you must have these documents as mentioned above and meet the requirements before the application submission deadline.

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