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The Ultimate Moving Abroad Checklist For Expats

The Ultimate Moving Abroad Checklist For Expats


The Ultimate Moving Abroad Checklist For Expats

Moving abroad takes time to plan, at least a period of six months to one year as the case may be. Proper planning will reduce the stress and challenges you might come across in the process. In this article, you will be getting a breakdown of the checklist for ex-pats.

Relocating abroad is very interesting. You experience a lot of things there. It’s exciting because you are moving to a new environment with a different lifestyle. Even with the exciting experience, there are some minor setbacks you might encounter. In other to avoid these setbacks, which could ruin the excitement of relocating, below are some checklists for moving abroad this will make you relocate with ease.

The Ultimate Moving Abroad Checklist For Expats

1. Consider your finances

Moving abroad is expensive, you have to consider your source of income and how you will fund the trip. In this case, you have to analyze the cost of living in the country you plan to relocate to and compare it with your present location. It may sound discouraging but when you get to know the cost of living, it makes you prepare for the expenses ahead.

2.Research your new country’s rules

Every country have separate rules different from others. These rules are formed based on their culture and the category of people living there. It is necessary to make some research about the country you relocating to, so you know if you can adjust to their lifestyle. You can as well reach out to the embassy, for the country you’re relocating to for more info including that of:

♦ Visa permit

♦ Vaccines for family members

♦ Restrictions or taxes on shipped household items

♦ Insurance

♦ Import taxes for high-value items

♦ Vaccines and quarantines for pets

Try to document all your application for visa permit, you will need it later. Check your documents if they will expire soon.

3.Sort out your living situation

When you move to a new place you definitely will need a place to stay. It could be a rented apartment or you purchase a house. Whichever one it is make sure you have a place to stay first before you finally relocate.

4.Sort to Move your belongings

When relocating to another country, you will need your stuffs. But before you start parking your belongings, you have to consider the distance. If the proximity is convenient, then you can decide to move all or almost everything. However if the distance isn’t close, you have to cut down on what you will carry along.

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5.Prepare your documents


Preparation is very important before you embark on any activity. Your documents must be intact and complete to prevent unexpected draw backs when you arrive. Make sure you review your essential personal documents, take some weeks to get them so you will be sure and secure. Immediately you receive them make photocopies of the documents and possibly digital copies, put in a safe place.

6.Book Your International Ticket

Traveling abroad is quite expensive. As you plan to travel go through the process of flight booking for the destination. Set a notification message that will notify you when there is an available flight for the amount you can afford. There are online sites that can help you set such alert messages, example is Skyscanner. In essence book your flight in advance to avoid running late.

7.Package and Ship What You Can’t Carry Along

When you have extra luggage, it’s better to package and ship them. The cost of paying for extra luggage in a flight is quite expensive. So it’s cheaper to ship your items if the luggage are much.

8.Make Copies of All Important Documents

This is one thing you shouldn’t neglect. It will be a sad and embarrassing experience if you can’t lay your hands on your documents. Get  photocopies of your license, birth certificate, passport, medical reports, health insurance and marriage certificates, in case you misplaced the original copies. In addition it’s advisable to laminate these documents, to keep them safe from any wear or tear and oil spillage.

9.Make Arrangements for Your First Night in Your Host Country

Imagine you finally arrive your place of destination and you are stranded. No place for you to sleep it will be so embarrassing and frustrating. So as you plan to move to another country get a place where you would sleep for the first night, before you start making arrangements for your own place.

10.Get Necessary Immunizations

There are lots of diseases out there and you wouldn’t want to contract any. The rate of malaria, typhoid, covid-19, cholera etc outbreak is widespread. So to avoid been a victim, get yourself immunized to fight any foreign bodies that may invade your system.

11.Visit the Doctor for a Checkup

One of the requirements for traveling is going for a check up. Before you go for any immunization, visit a doctor to check if you have taken all the immunization. Also check for any other underlying illness. As you go for these regular check-up, make sure you have no health challenge before you travel.

12.Staying Safe While Abroad

As you plan to travel abroad make good plans on how you will stay safe. You can do this by going through the Department of State’s travel warnings. Try to comprehend the most fearful conditions in the destination country. So you know if you will prepare yourself on some certain diseases, that are widespread or you would avoid some territories.


While you make plans to move abroad go through this checklist properly. With this you can prepare yourself and make necessary arrangements for your trip. You’re better informed than deformed.

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