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Questions Asked During a Visa interview

visa interview

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Questions Asked During a Visa interview

There are different questions for different visa interviews. The questions asked during a visa interview vary from one another being that there are different types of visas and there are for different purposes. Furthermore, the questions asked by visa officials are different based on the country you are applying to.

Questions Asked During a Visa interview for USA

When visiting the United States, it can be for reasons such as tourism, business, medicals, studies, work, etc. For this, there is an application to fill out and documents to submit. Also, visa interview questions to answer if it is mandatory.

Note that not all visas require a visa interview, but for the visa which requires it, it is for confirming all that has been written and filled in the document for confirmation and eligibility. During this interview, the visa official throws random questions at you which you are obliged to answer or be sent back home.

You might be lucky to be asked mundane questions if you are not your preparation before the interview will save you. To answer these questions, you must appear confident and with charisma. Some of the questions are:

1.Who is covering your expenses during travel?

This is where proof of funds comes in. proof of fund is a common language to people who want to leave their home country to school outside or work. It is a requirement that will continually be asked for. Even after submitting this document, there is a probability you will be asked this question again.

When you asked, speak with confidence, and repeat what you filled in your document. They must not contradict each other.

2.Where will you be working or staying?

This is asked to majorly find out if you have started making plans for where you will base yourself when you get there. Hence, even if you don’t have accommodation yet, search for places that you know you can base and mention it as a place you wish to stay in when you get your visa. Don’t lie you already have accommodation if you don’t.

3.Have you been to the United State before?

The short answer to this question should simply be a yes or a no. the official won’t dwell too much on your travel history. But if peradventure you have been to the United States before, use it to your advantage.

4.Who else is coming with you?

This is also a confirmation of what you have already filled, if people are coming with you, briefly state who they are, why they are coming, and the purpose. Don’t talk too much about that.

5.What are your plans after visa expiry?

This is where having strong ties in the home country comes in. you must make sure you are able to convince the visa official you are coming back to your home country. You can use landed properties, investments, and families as reasons to come back.

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Questions Asked During a Visa interview for UK

First off, you fill out your online form for a visa and pay the necessary application fee for your visa. When that is done, you will then be scheduled for a visa interview which will be done physically.

The visa interview must be noted as the final stage. Hence, immediately after you pass your interview, you can start preparing for your travel. Here, we will give some interview questions asked when traveling to the UK as a tourist, student, or employee.

1.Why are you visiting the UK

Don’t stress it, briefly state the purpose of your visit to the UK. Is it for school, work, pleasure or business? State it in a short and precise manner.

2.What is your duration of stay

This question can be very tricky. Many people want to stay back in the UK immediately after they are done with school, you can mention the accurate number of years you are sending if it is for school visa. For a work visa let them know it is for a work visa and there is a possibility of you staying for longer than 2 years. Don’t give accurate years as if you know. Tell them truthfully while keeping a positive vibe of wanting it to be longer.

3.Do you intend to work in the UK

This is asked during student visa interview questions. It is true, that many people want to stay back to work in the UK immediately after they are done with school. So you can decide to mention if you want to stay back or not. You might give a little reason why you want to stay back or come back to your home country.

4.Who will you be staying with?

They just want to know your financial grounds when you get to the UK. For the several visas given, this is a common question that can be asked. They don’t expect you to be sleeping under a tree in the guise of tourism. Clearly, state who you will be staying with, and if you already have accommodation, state it.

5.Where do you stay in your home country?

Another visa interview question is where you live in your country. These are one of the things that will have been requested in your document. Please put the adequate address in your document and state the same when asked to avoid contradiction.

Questions Asked During a Visa interview for Schengen

The Schengen visa is one of the hardest visas to get. Being that with a Schengen visa, you can travel throughout 25 European countries makes it hard and a bit expensive to purchase.

The questions asked during the interviews are not for asking sake. With this visa, you can roam around Europe for close to 90 days just with one Schengen visa, and you can visit additional 19 countries not affiliated with Schengen but accept the visa. . Hence, we will be putting out some questions asked during the visa interview.

1.Can you reschedule a shorter trip?

See that this question is different from the normal questions asked/ one would even think they don’t want you in their country. For this type of question, state the reason why it is for the specific period, but don’t also fail to add that if peradventure shorting the tree is needed you can shorten it

2.Can you show your bank statement?

This again comes to finances. Don’t try to play smart with Schengen officials. Let them see your bank statements so they can make their assumption based on that.

3.Do you have any relation involved in the last terrorism?

Are you surprised? Don’t be. If your name mistakenly sounds similar to a terrorist attack name, then be ready to defend our name that you are not one. If your family is involved in terrorism, pray to God on the way to take charge of the interview.

4.How much do you earn?

This is already in your document so you don’t need any reason to lie. Quickly state your net worth and your net earnings if you are an employer.

Note that, it is only for tourism and business visits. if it is for more than 90 days or for something outside tours, or business, then a national visa must be gotten to continue to stay.

These are some of the visa interview questions asked for the different countries for different states regarding different visa issues or reason.

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