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PTDF Overseas Masters & PhD Scholarships 2024/2025

PTDF Overseas Masters & PhD Scholarships


PTDF Overseas Masters & PhD Scholarships 2024/2025

The PTDF Overseas Masters & Ph.D. Scholarships are highly competitive awards offered by the Petroleum Technology Development Fund, committed to developing skilled professionals for the Nigerian petroleum industry. The scholarships aim to assist outstanding Nigerian students financially, enabling them to pursue master’s or Ph.D. programs in top-ranked universities worldwide. These scholarships cover various academic disciplines, including engineering, geosciences, management sciences, and environmental studies.

Eligibility Criteria:

To be eligible for the PTDF Overseas Masters & Ph.D. For scholarships, applicants must meet the following requirements:

a) Nigerian Citizenship: Applicants must be Nigerian citizens.

b) Academic Qualifications: For master’s scholarships, candidates must possess a minimum of Second Class Upper (2:1) in their undergraduate degree program. For Ph.D. scholarships, candidates must have a minimum of Second Class Lower (2:2) in their undergraduate degree and a good Master’s degree.

c) NYSC: Applicants must have completed the mandatory National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) program.

d) Age Limit: Candidates must be between 23 and 35 for Masters programs and 35 and 45 for Ph.D. programs.

e) English Language Proficiency: Applicants must have a good command of the English language, as evidenced by a minimum score of 550 in the TOEFL examination or 6.0 in the IELTS.

f) Employer’s Consent: Candidates must present a letter of release from their employers stating that they are willing to release the applicant for the duration of the scholarship program. 

Required Documents:

Applicants for the PTDF Overseas Masters & Ph.D. Scholarships must prepare the following documents:

a) Academic Transcripts: Official transcripts from all previously attended universities, showing grades and degrees earned.

b) Certificates: Copies of degree certificates obtained, including the undergraduate (including O level results certificate) and postgraduate levels.

c) Research Proposal: A well-written research proposal highlighting the objectives, methodology, and potential impact of the proposed research in any field relevant to the oil and gas industry for Ph.D. applicants.

d) Statement of Purpose: A clear and concise statement of purpose outlining the applicant’s academic and career goals.

e) CV/Resume: A detailed curriculum vitae or resume, including academic qualifications, work experience, and relevant achievements.

f) Valid Identification: A copy of a valid means of identification, such as a national identity card, international passport, or driver’s license.

g) Birth Certificate: A copy of the applicant’s birth certificate or declaration of age.

h) NYSC Discharge Certificate: Proof of completion of the National Youth Service Corps program.

Application Process:

To apply for the PTDF Overseas Masters & Ph.D. For scholarships, applicants must follow these steps:

a) Visit the PTDF website ( and navigate to the Scholarships section.

b) Create an account by providing the necessary information.

c) Complete the application form online, providing accurate and up-to-date information.

d) Upload all required documents in the specified formats.

e) Submit the application form and documents before the stated deadline.

Selection Process for the PTDF Scholarship

The selection process for the PTDF Overseas Masters & Ph.D. Scholarships are rigorous and highly competitive. After the submission deadline, a thorough evaluation of applications is conducted by a panel of experts in the relevant fields. The selection process typically consists of the following stages:

a) Screening of Applications: The panel reviews all submitted applications to ensure they meet the eligibility criteria and include all required documents. Incomplete or ineligible applications may be disqualified at this stage.

b) Aptitude Test: Shortlisted candidates are invited to take an aptitude test, which assesses their knowledge and abilities in their respective fields of study. The test evaluates critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and subject-specific knowledge.

c) Oral Interview: Successful candidates from the aptitude test are further invited for an oral interview. The interview panel assesses the candidates’ communication skills, academic potential, research aptitude, and ability to contribute to the Nigerian petroleum industry.

d) Final Selection: Based on the aptitude test and oral interview performance, a final list of selected candidates is compiled. The selected candidates are notified using the contact information provided during the application process.

Benefits of the PTDF Overseas Masters & Ph.D. Scholarships:

Being awarded the PTDF Overseas Masters & Ph.D. Scholarships bring numerous advantages to successful candidates, including:

a) Tuition Fees: The scholarships cover total tuition fees for the program, relieving the financial burden of pursuing a higher degree abroad.

b) Allowances: Monthly allowances cover living expenses, including accommodation, meals, and transportation.

c) Health Insurance: The scholarships include comprehensive health insurance coverage, ensuring the well-being of the scholars during their studies.

d) Research Support: Ph.D. scholars receive grants for their research activities, including data collection, laboratory expenses, and conference participation.

e) Networking Opportunities: Scholars can connect and collaborate with other international students and professionals in their field, enhancing their academic and professional networks.

f) Return Flights: The scholarships include a return ticket to Nigeria at the beginning and end of the program.


The PTDF Overseas Masters & Ph.D. Scholarships provide an extraordinary opportunity for Nigerian students to pursue advanced degrees in prestigious international universities. The scholarships alleviate the financial burden and foster academic excellence and professional development. By investing in the education and training of talented individuals, the PTDF contributes to the growth and sustainability of the Nigerian petroleum industry. If you meet the eligibility criteria, don’t miss the chance to apply for these scholarships and embark on a transformative academic journey that can shape your future and significantly impact your chosen field.

Visit to begin the registration process.

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