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Packing List For a Round The World Trip

Packing List For a Round The World Trip


Packing List For a Round The World Trip

You are going for a trip around the world and you don’t know what to pack because it is your first time, we have curated a list of what to pack for your round-the-world trip.

The general rule when traveling on a round-the-world trip is to pack as light as possible. There is no tie to be picky on what to use and what you can’t use. It is what you have packed you will make do if and that doesn’t mean that you must pack everything.

1. Clothing

It can’t be like your home so it is best to pack as light as possible. Your clothes should be light. Be ready to wash and rewash. Where you can quickly wash it in the hotel, hang it and it dries up before the next day. That is how light your clothes should be.

After packing the light clothes, you can pack some sweatshirts for when you get to the country where it will be cold. A list of the clothes to carry will be listed below:

Short sleeves 3-5

Shorts 2-3

Long pants 2-4

Pair of socks 3

Underwear 5

Pajamas 1

Rain jacket 1

Bra and sports bra 2-3

Swimsuit 1

This list is for a person and it is not an authority, it is just the ideal packing list for a person going on a round the world trip, not the exact list.

2.Packing Cubes

packing cube

Packing cubes are important for packing your essentials in your bag. They help in organizing how your load should be carried ad how it should fit well. Your backpack is also a determinant of what your packing cubes will be like.

It is best to note that traveling bags should not be encouraged during this kind of travel because it affects mobility. With a backpack, you can move around with all your necessities behind you. An 80ml backpack is advisable for trips like this.


Another important thing to be wary of during a round the world trip is to pack the necessary shoes. Here, you don’t pack shoes because they are nice, you pack shoes because they are important for the journey you are about to set on. Some of the shoes you should pack during a round the world trip is:

Running shoes

Hiking shoes

Sandals to wear at home or the hotel


Toiletries are an important part of our lives, whether we are traveling or not. They are called essentials for a reason and their importance cannot be overemphasized. However, as important as they are, they have to e limited. Even if this means it has to be turned into a smaller container. Also, if you have toiletries that can serve as multipurpose, then you must make use of them. Also, get quality ones that will serve the whole trip or at least half of it. Some of the toiletries are:





Brush and sponge


Hair gel


Hairbrush or clipper

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There are times you will need to wash and spread your clothes. These are when the hanger and cloth liner will be useful. They include detergent and shampoo for washing. There are also sink stoppers. These are needed for going on a round the world trip. Some examples are:

Detergent for washing

Travel clothesline

Sink stopper


No one prays for illness or sickness. But sometimes, because our bodies are not used to certain atmospheric conditions, we may react to weather changes, and the rest so it is important to hold necessary medicines needed when someone reacts to such changes. Also, for basic illnesses such as headache, malaria, cough, etc. medicines can be held for such purposes too. Examples of medicine to hold are:




Ciprofloxacin: this is used for travelers’ diarrhea


Electronics and gadgets are an important part of a trip, not just for pictures and keeping memories, but most importantly for communication. Both with people left at home and people you are on a trip with. You can also use it during leisure to see movies or listen to music. Gadgets are an essential part of traveling. A list of gadgets to hold are:







The stuff listed is important, but amongst all, this part is the most important. You wouldn’t want to be detained or deported because you have broken a rule in another person’s land right? Neither would you want to lose your stuff during your journey? Some of these essentials are your travel documents. Some of these essentials are:

International passport

Passport photographs

Travel wallet (for keeping your documents and avoiding theft)


Money belt


Miscellaneous is other stuff that is not a necessity but will keep you fun and active during the journey. Miscellaneous can also be things that you feel are not very important but may turn out very important or needed along the journey. Some of these are:







Travel locks


These are some of the essentials needed when planning a round the world trip. Also, note that all lists are written on a general note and it doesn’t serve as an authority on how to pack during your travel. Packing may vary and all curated are for general knowledge.

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Originally posted 2022-06-10 09:18:28.

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