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Nigerian International Passport (Apply, Type & Requirement)

Nigerian International Passport

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Nigerian International Passport (Apply, Type & Requirement)

International passports are the documents given by the country of birth to confirm citizenship and a means to come and go out of the country as you wish.

The international passport can also serve as a means of identification and means of travel, to confirm the date of birth and other necessary details needed officially.

As a Nigerian, there are different types of passports and these passports have their use and who can get them. The duration and amount of these passports also vary from the other, having their unique advantages.

Types of international passports in Nigeria

There are 5 types of passports:

1.Ordinary Passport (Green cover)

This is the most popular passport Nigerians get being that it is the one that is issued out to the public and citizens of Nigeria at large. As a Nigerian who wants to get an international passport in Nigeria, the passport that will be issued is the ordinary green passport given to everybody.

Requirement for Ordinary Passport

  1. Birth certificate
  2. National Identification Number (NIN)
  3. State of Origin
  4. 2 Passport photographs

2.Diplomatic Passport (red passport)

As the name implies, this type of passport is given to ambassadors, diplomats, consulates, or officials on an official journey.

To get a diplomatic passport, one must show that going out of the country is on a diplomatic or official instruction and the business is in the interest of the country. This gives easy access when they get to the borders of the country they are going. This is why not everybody can get it, but those on an official mission for Nigeria. This is also given to their families if they are going with them.

Requirements of having a Diplomatic Passport

  1. Written Application request
  2. Application letter from his organization
  3. Appointment letter
  4. Identity card
  5. Proof of age
  6. Return certificate from INEC

3. Official Passport (blue cover)

Official passports are different from diplomatic passports being that this is the type of passport issued to people holding official positions in Nigeria; government positions, Ministers, CBN governors, high-ranking police officials, and other parastatals in the government.

Official passports are valid for only official travels. It takes impact when a person is going on an official trip. When traveling on official travels, it is important that both the official and ordinary passport should be taken.

Requirements of Official Passport

  1. Full names of particulars of the applicant
  2. Date of birth details
  3. National Identity Number (NIN)
  4. Overseas address
  5. Personal information
  6. Parent and next of kin’s details

4.Seaman’s Passport (maroon cover)

Seaman passport is for Nigerians and citizens who are into sea work or also work in the ocean. It can also be called Maroon Cover. Any Nigerian who has worked on vessel shipping and watercraft is open to getting this type of passport. To apply, the person must get a guarantor who has a standard Nigerian Passport.

Requirement of Seaman’s Passport

  1. Completed application form
  2. Birth Certificate
  3. Identification Letter
  4. Guarantors passport photograph
  5. Guarantors driving license
  6. Acknowledgement slip
  7. Proof of payment

5.Pilgrim Passport (color changes yearly)

Nigerians go on pilgrim journeys yearly, either to Jerusalem or to Mecca. It is a common culture among us. However, the passport given for this kind of journey is different from the normal passport everyone gets.

This passport in fact changes every year. This is because this passport is effective for the duration of 6 years only. In other words, to travel to other places outside, these two destinations will require a standard passport every Nigerian has.

Requirements of Pilgrims’ Passport

  1. Birth certificate
  2. National Identification Number (NIN)
  3. State of Origin
  4. 2 Passport photographs

How much is the Nigeria International passport

There are different types of international passports as regards the pages. There is the 64-page Nigerian passport valid for 10 years for the sum of 75,000 naira and the 64-page passport valid for 5 years for the sum of 35,0000. There is also the 32-page Nigerian passport valid for 5 years for the sum of 25,000 naira.

Requirement for international passport in Nigeria

The requirement for the Nigerian international passport varies depending on the passport you are applying for and that is why the requirements have been provided with any passport you want to apply for.

Majorly, the normal requirement for the Nigerian international passport is

  1. Birth certificate
  2. National Identification Number (NIN)
  3. State of Origin
  4. 2 Passport photographs
  5. Marriage certificate if applicable
  6. Driver’s license

How to apply for international passport In Nigeria

Applying for International passport is not like Facebook where you can easily sign up with your email and add profile photos. All you need to do is to Visit the nearest Immigration office near you, or check here for application procedures.

What documents do I need to renew my Nigerian passport?

There is the fresh passport and passport renewal. A fresh passport is when you haven’t gotten a passport at all and you want to get one and passport renewal is already having a passport, and because it is either stolen, lost, or damaged, you want to renew it.

The government allows for the renewal of a passport even during the validity of the old passport. But it is best to renew your passport, 1 year before its expiry.

The Nigerian government does not renew a passport but reissues it. And to do this, one has to visit the immigration office physically as if one is just getting a fresh passport. To renew or reissue your passport:

  1. Visit the office physically
  2. Capture your face
  3. Go with your old passport
  4. Pay the necessary requirement
  5. Show proof of funds
  6. Get your passport


1.Are there different types of passports?

Yes, we have 5 different types of passports in Nigeria for different use and persons. They are

Ordinary passport

Diplomatic passport

Official passport

Seaman’s passport

Pilgrim’s passport

2.How much can one use to get the Nigerian official Passport?

The Nigerian official passport amount varies. A 64-page passport valid for 10 years is 75,000 naira. A 64-page passport valid for 5 years is 35, 000 naira. A 32-page passport valid for 5 years is 25,000 naira.

3.How long does it take to get a Nigerian Passport?

The official duration for getting your passport is 3 weeks, if the system is good enough, it will be out in less than 3 weeks.

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