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How to write an Amazing Scholarship Application Motivational Letter

How to write an Amazing Scholarship Application Motivational Letter


How to write an Amazing Scholarship Application Motivational Letter

Why Motivation Letter is Important

Over the years, scholarships have become the means by which students, both undergraduates, and graduates concentrate and finish their education without worrying about finances.

The central role a motivation letter plays in helping scholarship seekers secure scholarships cannot be overstated. Several people who have been on the board of scholarship awarding organizations have argued that a well-written motivation letter persuades them to make positive recommendations.

As important as a motivation letter is, many candidates applying for scholarships still find it difficult to write a killer motivation letter that will land them the desired scholarship.

Therefore, this article set out to teach intending scholarship applicants the best way to write a scholarship motivation letter.

What Is a Motivation Letter

A motivation letter is that peculiar document in the whole of your documents that shows your emotions and speak to the interviewers in your voice. The goal of your motivation letter while applying for the scholarship is to speak about you, your uniqueness, and what makes you different and stand out. Your letter goes ahead of you to talk about who you are and speak about what you believe, what you have gone through, and what you want to do in the future.

Now that the importance of a motivation letter has been stated, we will dive right in to tell you how to write a motivation letter. Note that there is no specific way or format to write a letter so you just need to be intentional and genuine when writing it.

Though there are no specific ways to write a motivation letter, there are necessary sections such as profile, contact information, academic qualifications, and section stating who you are as a person and as a student of the university you are applying to, your expected contribution to the growth of the university and how your vision aligns with the university presently.

How To Write A Scholarship Motivation Letter

1.Title of Your Letter or Heading

This should include your name, address, contact info, and sometimes, your social media accounts. Only necessary names and address should be here, you don’t need to overdo or write excessively.


The introduction is majorly briefly about who you are, what you are applying for, and why you are applying for it. It must also include your education, at the very least, the highest level of education you have achieved so far. Your goals and objectives that you will be stating here must be in tune with the program you are applying for. Also, don’t write too much or be out of line.

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3.The Body

The body consists of three paragraphs where different things will be discussed. As already stated, a motivational letter does not have a special pattern, but three paragraphs discussing first, your personal and professional profile or goal. This includes who you are, what you do, why you are choosing the program in that institute, and why you are choosing that institution.

Make sure that you have researched the institution and one or two words from their mission and vision are inserted in your letter.

The second paragraph will be on your expected contribution to the institution, what you hope to achieve while in the school and how you plan to impact the school positively, even on a global scale.

Don’t fail to mention what you plan to achieve if they pick you and how you plan on helping humanity with your “superpower.” It is advisory that you do not lie in your motivation letter for your scholarship. Be unique, be authentic and you will do just well.

The third paragraph should be about the future. What do you plan to do after school and how do you plan on impacting lives positively now and beyond. It can be furthering your education or adding the previous course you have done as a collaboration to this one to create a project.

It can also be necessary soft skills that align with your course that you plan on implementing later in the future. The list is long, just think about where you want to be and those plans you have made to get there and put them in writing in your letter for the scholarship.

Just make sure that you can draw the interviewer’s emotions with strong words. Tell a story of yourself. Not in the storytelling format, but construe your words in a way that you can move an audience’s emotions. This is what separates two applicants from each other. The ability to move the interviewer.

Wrapping Up

The conclusion of your motivation letter for the scholarship must include certain things, and they are the impact the program will have on your life and your surroundings in general. You must also not fail to sell yourself.

The concluding part is that place where you hammer it in their head in a subtle way that you are a product they don’t want to lose. You sell yourself to them and let them understand how you will be a valuable asset to their institution.

Finally, you must also mention that you know it is a competitive system, but in that midst, you are still the best candidate for that program you have applied for.

It must be known that your words must be formal from the beginning to the end, it must also be precise and straight to the point. Don’t beat around the bush. Also, make sure that the interviewers are not struggling to connect what you are saying. Don’t leave them confused. State everything you want to state in a simple chronological order.

Though this is never intentional, make sure you proofread your letter over and over. Give it to several people to read for you. Avoid grammatical errors at all costs. Don’t make use of slang too, don’t try to be funny, it is risky. Don’t also try to use big grammar that will show you know everything. Use simple and concise grammar. Make it easy to read and comprehend and you are good to go.

Originally posted 2022-05-13 12:25:21.

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