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How To Write a Winning Scholarship Essay

How To Write a Winning Scholarship Essay


How To Write a Winning Scholarship Essay

Scholarship essays are one of the basic requirements for scholarship applications. Through the essay, you show your writing skills and interest in the scholarship you applied for.

Scholarship essays are like every other essay, in which you will be given a topic or choose one to write on. You are to base your writing on the topic. This essay will tell how good you are at writing. Below are guidelines on how to write winning scholarship essays

Guidelines on how to write Outstanding Scholarship Essays

1. Choose a topic that you have an interest in

It would be best if you focused on the essay topic. However, you might be allowed to choose a topic based on the theme. Write on a subject with significant meaning, and value and has an influencing point.

If you really put your mind to it, you will definitely do better when you create the basics for your essay. With this, you can come up with an outstanding Scholarship essay.

2. Adhere to the principles of writing a solid essay

As I mentioned earlier, scholarship essays are like every other school essay. So, when you are writing, maintain the principles of writing essays.

Make sure you can communicate well with your readers. Let your readers flow with you as they read and digest your essay. The content should not go outside the central topic. Don’t write out of point, and learn to maintain the pitch when writing. Let the paragraphs link as well.

Start the essay with a captivating sentence that draws the reader’s attention. This is more like a “Hook” to keep your readers glued to your essay.

3. Get used to what makes the essay inspiring and focus on it.

Look properly at the captivating parts of the essay. Some may have different themes for the essay, meaning the part that makes up the central point of the essay, where you draw the meaning and get a clue on how to coin your words properly.

If the essay does not have a question that you can answer that will help you write a good essay, then you need to create something else that will help you write an outstanding essay.

4. Know the word/character limit

There is always a word limit for every essay, including Scholarship essays. It can be pretty challenging to come up with 300 words. To write such winning essays, you have to maintain the word count that it’s expected. Don’t write beyond it. Get a word count app to help you count the words after writing.

Do well to proofread your essay when you are done writing and have a word count checker, you can find that on Microsoft word.

It’s important to maintain the word limit, as you might be disqualified if you exceed it. This will show how thorough and concise you are.

5. Create and plan

Before you begin an essay, you must plan how to create your words. Your planning here has to deal with your research work and how you intend to arrange your points so they won’t lose meaning and flow.

The first thing to do is to gather natural ideas and facts prior to your research. That way, it will be easier for you to understand and write down something unique.

Once you have a good idea of the essay you’re writing, you can prepare an outline. Many students neglect this aspect. An outline gives you a guide and keeps you on track so you won’t write off-topic. It will also make your work faster and easier.

The essay outline depends on the word count. It includes what should be in the introduction, body, and conclusion. It’s that easy to arrange as long as you follow the format.

6. Be honest

Some students often come up with unrealistic details just to suit the readers because they want the scholarship fund. In Writing a winning scholarship essay, you have to be honest with your story. Don’t cook up sweet lies.

What makes your essay outstanding is its uniqueness and sincerity. No matter how good your lie sounds, it will still be perceived. There is nothing as good as your honesty. It’s effortless to spot hogwash in an essay.

7. Do some research

Do research work on the scholarship scheme organizing the essay. Know more about them, why they award scholarships and their goal. Once you get their information, you can know how to draft your essay correctly.

Some Scholarship schemes display a little profile of the past winners, which may include their essays or the best essay. Go through those profiles and try to get points from them. The highlights of the best essay can give you a clue on how to write a better essay.

8. Be professional but still maintain who you are

Being professional is very important when writing. The principles of writing must be seen in your writing. But even when you want to be on the right page, you must be honest. In this case, write in your tone. Don’t copy someone’s work. Every reader expects writers to be creative enough to write in their voice. It must not be a lengthy essay for it to be genuine.

9. Be brief with your “thank you”

At the point of appreciation, be brief and go straight to the end. A simple thank you is enough. You don’t need to use all the kind words to thank you.

The majority of these essays are short. Don’t use the word count given for appreciation. Be concise and write your essay thoroughly because you have the main point to talk about, not just thank you alone.

If you have space, a brief thank you is thoughtful and appropriate. But you’ll want to be as concise as possible. For example, at the end of your essay, you can say something like, “Thank you for this opportunity and for taking the time to read this essay.” that’s it! Just be Polite.

If you find it challenging to add appreciation to the essay, you can wait until you are awarded the Scholarship. Then, you can write a thank you letter expressing how much you appreciate them granting you the scholarship.

10. Pause, proofread, and revise

After you have penned down your words, take a break, review your work, and revise it to check for any mistakes. There’s a saying that goes, “There is no good essay, but there is a good re-writing. Proofreading your essay will enable you to make some corrections where necessary.

Another good way of proofreading your work is to give it to someone else, like a friend, family member, or your teacher/lecturer in school whom you trust so well. They can edit your work and give it back to you so you can know someone else’s view of your essay.


Writing a winning scholarship essay might sound stressful, but it’s easy when you know what you are writing on. Before you start writing that essay, go through the guidelines mentioned above properly to avoid writing baloney for an essay.

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