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How To Write a Scholarship Application Letter

How To Write a Scholarship Application Letter


How To Write a Scholarship Application Letter

A scholarship application letter is simply an official letter stating your interest in securing a Scholarship and ways in which the Scholarship will be helpful to you academically and financially. You are requesting to be given the opportunity to be awarded a scholarship. You will be asked to submit your application letter with other documents.

Submitting the documents alongside the letter ensures the applicant is eligible enough to apply for the Scholarship and win. In this article, you will learn how to write a scholarship application letter. Keep reading while I give you a tour of the Scholarship application letter.


Just like every other Application letter, a Scholarship application letter has to be written carefully and professionally. It must be drafted in a specific format to impress the reader and make them interested in your application. When writing this kind of letter, you must be very cautious to avoid making writing errors. Your application must be appealing to the reader; otherwise, you won’t be considered.

Below are the essential parts of a Scholarship application letter:

First part

* Your Contact Information

* Personal Introduction and achievements so far.

Second Part

This is important information about you and why they should consider your application. Also, express yourself passionately and state why you should be awarded the Scholarship.

Final Part

This part contains the Call to action and pleasant Regards.

We will take them one after the other:

Your Contact Information

The contact details include the address of the sender and receiver. This part should have the phone number, email address, home address, and street number. This is usually on the right side of the letter. This is followed by the address of the organization and the postal code, which are written on the left side of the application letter.

Personal  Introduction and  achievement so far

This is where you introduce yourself by telling them who you are. This is a sensitive part because your introduction tells who you are. The paragraph should show your interest and the importance of the Scholarship. This will draw their attention. Also, give the importance of having the Scholarship aligned with your achievements.

Essential info about yourself and why you should be chosen:

A scholarship application letter like this should contain details about your achievements as a student, the role models you wish to be like someday, what you have been through to ensure you are awarded the Scholarship, and how it will help you achieve a lot.

Express your passion for the Scholarship.

You are to express yourself and explain why you want this Scholarship here. The team has to feel the passion in your letter. It doesn’t mean you are desperate to get the Scholarship. What is required is your passion and seriousness toward the award for a scholarship.

Call to action

The Call to action section needs to include your contact information so that the team can get back to you after proper consideration. This could be your phone number or email address. It shows how serious you are about the Scholarship and how much you need it.


Every letter has its format. For a scholarship letter, you must follow a well-structured format for your application to be worth considering. This is what alot of people are searching for, everyone is competing for it, so yours must be outstanding so you will be selected.

♠ Make use of the accurate spacing example 1 or 1.5.

♠ Do not make the error of using justification.

♠ Make sure you use one-inch margins for some white space and pleasant mannerisms.

♠ For paragraphs, use double spacing between them.

♠ You can use font sizes like Calibri, Arial, and sometimes New Roman are allowed.

Things to avoid in your letter

1. Never include your weaknesses

When writing such a letter, don’t make the mistake of writing about your weaknesses. You are not having an oral interview in the letter. Instead of writing about your weaknesses, talk about your achievements and potential. It would be best if you had more strengths than weaknesses to get the Scholarship.

2. Avoid using an informal tone

You might be tempted to divert from a formal tone to an informal tone while trying to write an appealing letter. Your letter must be formal, direct, and explicit while writing.

3. Don’t submit without proofreading.

This is an important thing you shouldn’t skip. Make sure you check your work for grammar and spelling errors. You should never submit your letter without checking and making proper corrections.

4. Don’t add unnecessary information.

In a Scholarship application letter, avoid writing personal information that is not needed, such as your family details. Go straight to what you are expected to write about. They don’t need your family history to give you a Scholarship.

5. Don’t hide your need for financial assistance.

Some people might feel that expressing their need for financial assistance to pay their school fees might make them sound too desperate. If you want something, you must express yourself and show how much you need it. That way, they will know how important it is for you.

To download Samples for Scholarship application letters, click the link below:

Scholarship application letters PDF files

Scholarship application letter for high school

Scholarship application letter for financial assistance

Master’s degree Scholarship application letter

University Scholarship application letter


Applying for a scholarship is quite tasking. There are many criteria, and you must meet everyone before being eligible for the Scholarship. If you want to be among the awardees, you must note everything I have mentioned and apply them. Good luck!

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