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How to Win the American Visa Lottery

How to Win the American Visa Lottery

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How to Win the American Visa Lottery

People who apply for American visas are selected randomly in the Green Card Program. The chosen applicant and the family members will be given different visa cards. This will give them the license to live and work permanently in the U.S. You can obtain the visa. Apply for the visa early so you will be suitable to be selected during the green card program.

It’s not very difficult to get a U.S. visa. However, you must follow some procedures to qualify for the green card lottery visa. If you want a lottery visa, read the steps below.

16 main steps to obtain a green card lottery visa

STEP 1: Apply Online

First, apply online by filling out the forms with your personal information.


The next step is to choose an application plan and then proceed to make payment. Before you apply, you can request a better plan.

STEP 3. Upload your photo(s)

After choosing the Application plan, upload your photo. The immigration unit will assist you with the rest.

STEP 4. Photo(s) approved by the Immigration Team

After uploading your photo, the immigration team will verify it and approve it when it is accurate. You will be notified if your photo needs further validation or correction.

STEP 5. The Diversity visa you applied for has been approved.

The team in charge will do a final check, and your application will be approved before it is submitted to the United States Government.


Your application will then be submitted to the United States Government after everything has been properly checked.

STEP 7. Your confirmation number has been received from the US government.

Once the agency receives your submission confirmation number, which the United States Government has obtained, it will be uploaded to your private account. You must keep the number safe. This number becomes proof that your application was successfully submitted and has been officially approved.

STEP 8. Your application will now be part of the Diversity Visa Program drawing.

Selection will be carried out randomly. This will give everyone who applied the opportunity to be chosen. The random selection is properly monitored and validated by the United States Government.

STEP 9. The team sends all winners’ notification letters directly from the US government.

The United States typically selects up to 125,000 winners or above. Immediately after the selection, you will receive a notification. This will help you fill out the DS-260 Visa Application form online.

About 55,000 Diversity Visas are available. It is possible that the initial 55,000 selected people won’t be qualified for the visas or might not strive to obtain a visa. The Kentucky Consular Center (KCC) will choose above 55,000 applications just to be sure that all available Diversify visas are given out. This clearly states that there won’t be enough visas for everyone first selected. On this note, you should act quickly once you are among the selected applicants.

STEP 10. Your DS-260 online application is submitted to the Kentucky Consular Center (KCC).

When you have gotten the notification letter, you will be guided on locating the DS-260 online application because this is a challenging step. It’s essential to be fully ready before completing the DS-260 online form. If you have any questions or clarification, contact the immigration team for more details on the online application. Any error during the process will delay the interview, or you might not be called for a visa interview. You might end up losing the chance of winning the visa. So be careful with this step and focus on it.

STEP 11. Your visa interview appointment letter from the Kentucky Consular Center will be sent out.

Immediately after completing your application, you will be informed that a visa interview has been scheduled for you at the United States Embassy in your residence.

STEP 12. Preparing for the visa interview at the U.S. Consulate.

If you receive your interview date, make sure you prepare before you go. It won’t be good if you are not ready for it. The instruction team can provide some guidelines.

STEP 13. Visa interview at your local U.S. Consulate.

During the interview, the immigration officer will cross-check your documents and then ask you questions about the visa application.

STEP 14. Temporal travel visa (immigrant visa) Issued to Enter the USA.

If the interview is successful, the immigration officer will give you a visa enabling you to travel to the U.S. Before you can travel to the U.S., you must be given a visa. You must also have the temporary green card status stamped on your passport at the port of entry.

STEP 15. Moving to the United States

Now that you are done with the process, it is time to travel to the United States. If you choose the free tickets or flight, it will be booked for you.

STEP 16. Your Green Card is issued.

The original green card will be mailed to you within 3-4 weeks of your arrival at the address provided for you in the United States.


Obtaining a free visa is quite easy if you follow the steps mentioned. Applying early is also important, and following up on your application is a good way to access a free visa, which will help you stand a chance of being selected.

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