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How To Use Uber When You Travel

How To Use Uber When You Travel


How To Use Uber When You Travel

Uber, as it’s commonly known, is a convenient means of transport. It’s an easy way of going around the city. In fact, the main benefit of using Uber is the convenience you get from their services. Most people use Uber when they travel overseas and even within the town. Apart from its convenience, it is also safe and comfortable.

Uber is a better alternative for places where public transportation is not fair enough for going around the town. Although it is more expensive, you know your comfort and safety.

Although convenient, that doesn’t mean it has no hiccups while trying to book an Uber. To avoid the drawbacks you might face, here are some tips on how to use Uber.

Proven Tips on how to use Uber

1. Use a good phone

Having a good phone with fewer network issues will make it very easy. The network drawbacks might not be a problem in your country, but in another, they could disturb the app connection because of a different environment.

Before traveling, make sure your phone can assess the network in your location. You can use a Google Fi international data SIM, which allows you to gain access to local cellular networks anywhere in the world. It’s all based on your location. You could get 3G or LTE, which is very good for the Uber app. If your phone uses a SIM card, you can get a SIM card with data. With this, you can use the Uber app without having network interruption.

2. Travel with a car charger

It might sound odd—I know, right? You might be wondering what Uber has to do with a car charger. You will agree with me that using an app with data drains the battery very fast. Always go with a car charger to avoid being stuck in the process.

It will be bad if you are using the app and your battery is just 2%, and you are probably almost at the end of the transaction. Traveling with a charger is less stressful than being stopped from what you are doing because of a low battery.

3. Use exact locations

While imputing your information, you should use the right GPS location. If you use the wrong location, the Uber driver will not change the direction for you. They work strictly on orders based on the information you gave them, and they could be sanctioned if they do otherwise.

4. Take safety precautions

Even if Uber is a safer means of transportation, it’s also important to observe some preventive measures. Ensure the license and the driver’s name are the same as the one on your app that was assigned to you.

5. Give yourself time

Timing matters a lot in everything you do. Although Uber is more convenient, there might still be some delays. Have it at the back of your mind that you might have to wait for a while before the driver shows up.

6. Have a backup plan when using Uber overseas

This applies to every other travel. Always have a backup plan for Uber in case of an unpredicted disappointment. Uber is straightforward and reliable, but anything can happen at any time, and you might be stranded, which could ruin your appointment for the day, and you could run out of time.

You have a second option if your Uber disappoints you at the dying minute when you have an essential meeting to attend.

How Uber Works.

Uber has made traveling abroad easier. You can explore and visit wherever you wish to go. Tourist visits are quite fun when you have Uber taking you around the town. If you want to use Uber, you should know how it operates.

♠ An accurate arrival time

Uber offers the best transport service for town movement. They always work with time, which is to say they are very time-conscious. You need not be bothered that much, unlike public transport, which wastes your time because of the number of passengers it moves around with. Uber takes you directly to your location at the appropriate time.

The Uber app helps you locate your location or route. If you are not used to the place, just click on the app for directions; it will guide you properly.

♠ Fully secured

This is the safest means of going around town. The Uber app gives you everything you need about the car, driver, location, and other important information. They prioritize their users, and your safety and comfort are their priorities.

The app doesn’t change; it’s always the same wherever you are as long as it’s a particular one you are using.

♠ It’s not necessary to hang around  your luggage

The Uber app makes it easy for you to manage your location and luggage. If you have a lot of luggage and are scared of dropping it somewhere that might be a little far for you to move your bags to where the driver is, you can avoid this by giving them the exact location where you will stop so you won’t have to walk too far.

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Tips for Uber users and intending users.

Uber Credit Card’s foreign transaction service fee is $0. This means that Barclays, the card’s issuer, won’t take an international surcharge on orders made with the Uber Credit Card outside the United States. Uber Credit Card is one of the many Barclays cards with $0 foreign transaction service fees.

Questions you are likely to ask.

♠  What card can I use on the Uber platform?

Every MasterCard, Diners, JCB, Visa, and Amex card can be used on the app.

♠ How can I add a payment method?

You can by doing the following:

  1. Click on the account button in the top left corner of your Uber app
  2. Click on Payment

iii. Click Add Payment

  1. Put in your card information and save

You can do it by logging into the Uber website. Visit and follow the steps below:

  1. Sign into your account
  2. Click the Payment tab on the left side.

iii. Click the blue plus symbol on the right to add a new bank card

  1. Add your information and click on save

 I tried to sign up but could not register my payment card.

Some banks have card restrictions, especially when the cardholder is outside the country. You should consult your bank to determine your card status and whether there’s a restriction. This will help you proceed with the process.

 I signed to Uber, and I got charged.

The charge on the app is the authorization hold used to confirm that your credit card is approved at any given time. If the charge is pending in your account, the system nullifies it for payment, so you won’t be charged for it anymore.

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