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How To Travel Abroad With No Money

How To Travel Abroad With No Money 00


How To Travel Abroad With No Money

Do you wish to travel but are scared to make plans because of finance? The thought of the expenses must have eluded you, and you have almost given up on your traveling plans. Most people believe that only when you have money can you travel abroad. This has made people give up on their plans to travel.

A Limited finance can make you lose interest, but it doesn’t mean you can’t continue with your traveling plans.

There are lots of ways to travel for free; you just need to be aware of the opportunities and utilize what you have.

Although traveling when you have no money might seem impossible, it is if you can access it confidently without being ridiculed. Even though there are some core expenses you have to deal with, you can still navigate through and travel for free.

In this article, I will give you some tips on how to travel abroad without money. That way, you can be sure of achieving your plans to travel with or without money.

How To Travel Abroad With No Money

1. Stay in Hostels For “Free”

When you arrive abroad, you need a place to stay. You might consider the cost of renting a place. But WorldPackers permits you to exchange your skills for free accommodation in hostels wherever your destination is.

Rather than paying for hotels, you can negotiate with them on these terms. As long as you are creative, you can actually do this. Look for what they need and try to fit in with your skills.

2. Seek Out Free Wifi

Having access to free Wi-Fi is an excellent opportunity when you travel abroad since you need to communicate. You need data for your daily research and online activities, and with the free Wi-Fi, it’s easier—you don’t have to spend a dime on it.

When you book your accommodation, get one with free Wi-Fi to enable you to communicate with your family and friends. Apps such as WifiMagic ensure you have free full Wi-Fi access.


The word WWOOOF is an acronym for World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms. It is a network of national firms allowing volunteers on farms worldwide.

Volunteers who work there have free food and accommodation. You don’t need to be experienced before you can work there.

4. Be Realistic About Money

Traveling involves spending a lot of money, even more than you do at home. You do need money to pay for some bills. You can do this by planning your savings properly.

5. Set a Budget, Even if it’s ridiculous

It would be best if yIt’sou planned what your budget will look like. Have a list of the things you will spend on, and place them on a scale of preference. This way, you can work with the budget without spending too much, which could make you indebted.

If you have enough time on the road, making money as you travel is another option. Even if you don’t, there are ways to make money while you’reaway from home.

6. Exchange your Labor for your travels

Another way to travel for free is to research volunteer opportunities so you can make your travel plans accordingly.

7. Try a Home Exchange

Home exchange is the same as switching your house with another. This means changing your house with someone, instead of Your trayourng expenses. You can also decide to swap for something else. The main reason for swapping is the opportunity that you get to cover up for expenses.

There are organizations that offer such services. You can log in to their site and apply for them. An example of such a website is “Home Exchange or Love Home Swap”.” They help you connect with people who want to swap their homes, too.

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8. Use Social networks for free accommodation.

Some social media platforms help people secure free accommodation. An example is Women Helping Women Worldwide. With such groups, you have the hope of securing accommodation. Even if you dwon’t get a roof over your head, you will indeed receive assistance from them, no matter how small.

9. Grow your Network

Growing your network means expanding the number of people you know who can help you or connect you with people who can render assistance. For example, they could connect you with someone who is traveling but needs another person to accompany them.

They might need someone who will help them with house chores or someone who needs assistance with one thing or another. You can start connecting with people early enough to enable you to stand the chance of getting acquainted with people who can help with your traveling plans.

Connect with some social networks such as Women Welcome Women Worldwide or Couchsurfing. They can assist you with accommodation. It will be easier for you to become an active member early enough. That way, you have already established a good relationship with them, making it easier to reach out to you. Try to partake in their programs and associate with members. Build a good name for yourself and be creative before you leave.

10. Free Road Trip with car delivery.

You may be shocked to read this, but it’s true. A free road trip is a big offer, too. You can apply to be a driver and get a free ride through this means. Sites like Canada DriveAway and Cars to Florida. This is an opportunity that doesn’t come often. It’s seasonal since people move their stuff in the south during winter and north during summer. However, the job opportunity can also be for other reasons.

11. Share the driving.

This is another opportunity to travel for free. Connect with people you can share driving with.

12. Walking and peddling.

It might sound funny, but it’s a means of transportation. It’s either you trek or peddle. They are both free means of transportation which you can also flow with. Besides, it was once the only means of transportation before technology improved.

13. Get the dream job as an air courier.

Getting a job as an air courier is an excellent opportunity to travel abroad if you don’t have money. As an air courier, you can travel around without spending a dime.

14. Try the “Everywhere” button.

Skyscanner’s “Everywhere” button does not offer free transport. It only gives a breakdown of the very affordable airlines. Just pair this cheap flight with your free accommodation, and you’rell b good to go.

15.  House-sitting for family or friends.

Connect with some of your family members or friends who want someone to watch their house while they are off.


If you are still interested in traveling but funding your trip is a challenge, why not try these methods and see the beauty of utilizing these free traveling opportunities? Now you know you can travel, even if you don’t have a dime.

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