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How To Survive a Long Haul Flight

How To Survive a Long Haul Flight


How To Survive a Long Haul Flight

Be it 9 hours journey or one of the longest 19-hour journeys, flying in a metal cube above can be very tiring and tedious.

Not to mention the crampy legs and the aching bum from sitting for over 10 hours off the ground can cause several things including dizziness and jet lag. This is what we call necessary evil as it can’t be avoided, yet a problem we need to face.

How then do you survive a long-haul flight? The tips curated will be listed under, go through them carefully to save yourself another long and hard day off the ground.

How To Survive a Long Haul Flight

1.Wear Something Comfortable

The last thing you want to add to the turbulence that will be happening several feet away from the ground is feeling very cold or very hot due to the clothes you have put on.

It is important to dress light unless you know you will be cold. Even at that, hold your jacket, when it starts getting cold, you can then put it on.

If you know it is going to be cold, hold your jacket. If you don’t know, wear something light and hold your jacket in case it becomes cold. You don’t want to add freezing to one of the problems you are going to face on the flight.

2.Pick A Good seat

It is important to pick a good seat, especially where the seats are not prearranged. The best places to pick are the front row with legroom, the middle, near the window, and sometimes the back.

All these have their disadvantages too. With the front row, you don’t have enough space to put your pack-ins. With the back near the toilet, you might end up having people queue beside you every time even when you want to sleep.

Regardless, pick where you can comfortably rest your back, avoid noise and several queues. And where you can also comfortably plug in your earphones without any distraction.

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Yes, it is a long journey, sitting for the whole of 9 hours or 19 hours is not healthy for your body and your blood flow. Randomly stand up to take walks to maintain the blood flow and for easy circulation.

4.Take Enough Water

It is important that you hydrate yourself every now and then during the flight. Even when you are not on the flight, taking water has been something that has always been preached. It is a necessity to take enough water and be hydrated as you are over the land and you will get tired and dry easily too.

5.Prepare to Sleep

Do you have a long flight ahead? Then one way to prepare for the long haul is preparing to sleep. You are spending almost half or more than half of 24 hours off the land doing nothing tangible but staring and staring. Even if you plan to work, you will eventually feel tired and feel sleepy. The best thing you can do for yourself is to bring essentials for when you want to sleep.

Essentials such as a blanket, pillow, earphones, screen, etc. will be tangible for the short or long nap you will be having on the airplane.

6.Take Your Snacks

You will be given food during a long-haul flight but when will they give you the food? What will they give you? Will you like it? These are questions you should ask yourself before deciding whether or not you want to take your snacks or not.

The main theme of this is to tell you to bring snacks during a long-haul flight to save you the stress of not liking what they bring and starving yourself because they are bringing ‘dinner’ when in fact it is lunch you have not eaten.

7.Don’t Over-pack

While it is important that you pack as much stuff as possible for a long-haul flight, it is also important that you don’t over-pack. Pack the necessary stuff and personal stuff that you will be needing for the flight. Things that you can always reach up to immediately you need them. If there is something you know won’t be important, the flight is already stressful, and the last thing you want to add to a long-haul flight is having to struggle with all your loads.

Make a list of the things you will need or ask someone who has done it before if peradventure it is your first time. Only pack what you need.

8.Download movies

Oh well, you are about to go on a long journey, and after staring at the sky and the horizon and the beautiful scenery the height of the plane gives, you eventually start to feel bored. You may even sleep for a while and wake up. To avoid being bored since your phone won’t be working, it is best to download several movies before the flight and enjoy them throughout the flight.

With your snack in your reach, you are about to have fun even though it is meant to be a long-haul flight. You are about to have the best memory through this journey.

9.Get Creative

The best way to be productive is to have alone time to yourself and create solutions with no disturbance. The best way to be innovative and creative is to get on a plane for long hours and make use of it by creating new ideas in your head. Then a long-haul flight is about to turn into one of the most productive hours of your life.

Even if you sleep or watch a movie afterward, you won’t feel bad because you know you have just created and birthed a solution in a few hours. It is also a good time to study the Word if peradventure you are a Christian, it is time to worship and have great communication with your maker since there is no one to disturb you. If you are not, you can also study what you need to study to connect with who you serve. And if you don’t believe in God, you can plug in your earphones and see a movie.

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