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How To Plan a Round The World Travel

How To Plan a Round The World Travel


How To Plan a Round The World Travel

 Have you been in one location long, or have you been dreaming of a break from work? You might now consider going on vacation for some weeks or months. You want a vacation, and you want to plan a round-the-world trip (RWT).

Traveling worldwide is fun, especially when you have enough time to visit those beautiful countries you have always dreamed of. Traveling is an adventure and also an experience. You become exposed when you travel. You can’t be in one location all your life. “That is stalked in a hole.”

Traveling around the world exposes you to different people in different countries. You learn about their culture, traditions, religion, food, dress style, language, visit their tourist center, and more. It’s a whole lot of fun going on around the world travel.

So, if you are interested in planning round-the-world travel, you need this guideline to help you plan your trip.

Guidelines on how to plan round-the-world travel

♠ Choose a place to Go

♠ Make an itinerary budget list for the whole world.

♠ Select a direction around the world

♠ Search for a creative overland route

♠ Figure out the duration of the trip.

♠ Consider the means of transportation.

♠ Cancel some destinations from your trip itinerary.

♠ Create a savings plan

♠ Let go of present commitments

♠ Purchase the ticket

1. Choose a place to Go

This is the first plan after you have finally decided to travel around the world. You can’t just go on a road trip or fly without a particular place in mind. Write down a list of different countries you have in mind so you can easily select the country or counties for your vacation.

2. Make an itinerary budget list for the whole world.

Your itinerary (guidebook for travelers) budget list should contain the countries you want to visit since it’s round-the-world travel. This guidebook will tell you and show you the cost and everything involved. In the travel guidebook, you can see different countries, their requirements, and their geographical setting.

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3. Pick a direction around the world.

If you have chosen the countries to travel to, pick a location where you will reside and also places to visit. You can search for fun places and other beautiful locations to hang out from your travel book. This will help you choose an area and also know the cost.

4. Search for a creative overland route

When you are done choosing the destination, you will have the location you will be traveling to. You can now search for the overland routes, where their styles and cultures are stated clearly. You must know this so you won’t get bored when traveling.

5. Choose festivals in your destination

Most countries have beautiful and entertaining festivals. Their cultural heritage and traditional settings are captivating. You wouldn’t want to miss such extraordinary events, and you will also learn their language and culture.

So plan your trip within their festival season, enabling you to partake in their festival and see the beauty of their cultural heritage. If you are traveling with your kids, it’s also good they are exposed to such experiences.

Below are some festivals you can opt in for:

La Tomatina in Spain towards the end of August;  Holi the Festival of Colors Celebrated in India within the early month of March; Thailand’s  Songkran Water Festival  Usually falls around April and its Loy Krathong Lantern Festival  typically falls in October or beginning of November. Just choose the festival you like and plan your trip within that season.

6. Figure out the duration of the trip

You are almost halfway through your plans for the trip. You would love to explore and have enough experience on your tour around the world; a short trip will not be worth it. It would be best if you determined how long you will stay based on the time frame that will be convenient for you.

Your vacation shouldn’t be too long or too short, bearing in mind that it’s a vacation and you have work to attend to, except if you have enough time. So, we have a speculated timeframe for when you can work and carry out your activities within that duration. In the end, your trip will be worthwhile.

7. Consider your means of transportation

This might cause a little confusion. You might have a particular means of traveling in mind, but some hiccups might arise due to financing, location, and weather. When planning your trip, consider these to avoid disappointment and delay.

Some travel routes are cheaper, and sometimes booking flights earlier is not always economical.

8. Cancel some destinations from your trip itinerary.

If you have a lot of countries listed for RWT, you might also want to cancel some of them on your list. Some locations might not fit your budget and the timeframe you desire to spend.

You might start by making a scale of preference for the countries you have longed for. Categories them based on the experience you want on that trip and the activities you would like to engage in, mainly those that matter to you the most. Traveling is about the fun and experiences you gain, and you would not want to leave the most critical places.

So, go through your itinerary travel list, choosing the most relevant countries to visit and removing the less important ones.

9. Create a savings plan

It would be best if you had cash to fund your trip. Even though you have written all the necessary plans for your round-the-world trip, you need money to carry them out. Start saving early enough to gather enough money to foot your bills. It’s frustrating when you are traveling, and you have limited cash.

You should know how much you already have and what you need for your trip to achieve this. With this information, you can plan good savings; you must cut down on your other expenses to save enough money.

10. Let go of present commitments

If you have a capital project or any other financial commitment, you must put them aside; otherwise, you can’t save up for your trip. Traveling is a commitment, too, and you need enough cash for it; you can’t handle it, and other financial obligations together will be tasking. You might not be able to recover from the financial stress or burden any time soon.

11. Purchase the ticket

When you finally have the money, don’t waste any time buying the ticket. The longer you wait, the higher the chances of your plans being altered and your trip being canceled. Quickly get your ticket and prepare to explore the world and have fun.


With these guidelines, you can plan a fantastic trip and enjoy round-the-world travel without stress or regret. Explore the world; there is more to traveling around.

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