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How To Plan a Healthy Traveling

How To Plan a Healthy Traveling


How To Plan a Healthy Traveling

Staying healthy while traveling is very tasking, especially for professionals and businessmen that are always on business trips. You can’t avoid traveling when you have a lot to do. Even those that travel for vacation purposes. You might be tempted to deviate from your normal diet just so you could enjoy the new dishes.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle becomes a challenge because you are always in a new environment with different cultures, lifestyles, food, etc. You have to deal with the fact that you must adapt to the changes in the new environment.

It’s difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle when traveling, mostly when you are consistently traveling.

Sometimes you might even fall I’ll, I have experienced this on one of my trips. The kind of food wasn’t what I was used to, I almost suffered from food poisoning because of the way the food was prepared. Notwithstanding, this challenge can still be handled and you can plan a healthy journey. Have palatable local food dishes and also engage in exercises so you won’t deny yourself the pleasure of your vacation.

Haven discovered these challenges we experience when traveling, and I have decided to come up with some healthy tips to observe.

Basic healthy tips for travelers

1. Let your health be in check

Maintaining a stable healthnd and living a healthy lifestyle should be your major goal. Eat a good, balanced, and well-prepared meal. Drink enough water and rest properly, because stress can reduce your immune system which is supposed to help fight any foreign body and keep you healthy.

2. Stretch

A long trip can make you tired and exhausted. You might end up having a body and joint pains. If you will be engaged in a lot of physical activities on your trip, you must stretch for a while or add any form of exercise that promotes keeping the body and mind fit. The long hours you sit can make your back ache, so stretch at intervals to strengthen your bones and muscles.

3. Participate in Local Events & Activities

Events and other activities are another means of staying healthy. Take part in the activities irrespective of the place you find yourself. Some countries have some events that can help you engage in some physical activities which are forms of exercise too.

4. Pack a Pair of Walking/Running/Hiking Shoes

Include some comfortable shoes that will enable you to walk with ease, especially if you are walking on foot, you will be more active while traveling.

It will save you the stress of struggling while exercising, workout shoes make you feel comfortable. Go for a Hike or Run when you arrive at your destination.

Always go for a walk when you get down from a plane or any other means of transportation. After the long trip, you might have swollen legs or muscle cramps because you sat in one place for a long time. You can also go hiking or any exercise game to relax your body.

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5. Eating Well on a Work Trip

Vacation and business trips are fun. It’s an opportunity to stay away from your daily office and home activities. But while on this trip, you must be careful of the things you consume. Watch what you eat, and try to maintain a healthy meal. Consume fewer calories to avoid having health issues.

Below are some foods to consume while traveling:

Perishable Foods

Pack some perishable foods you can consume on your trip. It’s advanceable you pack them in singles so you consume one at a time with a specific quantity to avoid eating too much. Store some in a refrigerator so you have enough to eat later and be satisfied.

Examples of perishable foods are:

1.Fresh fruits

2. Cheese sticks

3.  Hard-boiled eggs

4. Cut vegetables

5. Pre-cooked meats

Some common meal mistakes

There are some foods you are not supposed to consume no matter how enticing it is especially if you’re on diet. You can’t imagine yourself traveling and gaining excess weight. You must be cautioned when it comes to the food you consume, how you eat when you eat, type of food you eat. Etc.

1. Skipping meals

This habit’s very common among travelers. They tend to skip breakfast because they’re always in a hurry to meet up with their morning engagement. Skipping breakfast it’s harmful to your system, and going out on an empty stomach may lead to some health implications.

This is because there are some micros in the stomach and if there’s no food for them to feed on, they begin to eat up the walls of your intestine. So be careful, always take your breakfast no matter how small. Even if it’s something very light.

2. Eating excessively

Oh yes! This is true for the heavy feeders. I Am sure am referring to someone right now including myself because I love food a lot. I just have this huge appetite for food to the point that after eating I feel so heavy to move or continue my task for the day.

If you want to be smart and have a free smooth day without having a running stomach or stomach ache, then you must stop eating too much food. Eat little quantity especially when you will be leaving the house. Eating excessively can make you feel uncomfortable.

3. Drinking little quantity of water

drink quality water while traveling

According to medical research drinking, enough water at least 8 glasses a day is good for your body. It provides the body with enough fluids for its proper functioning. It aids in proper kidney filtration to remove unwanted waste. Drinking sufficient water also aids digestion.

4. Consuming excess alcohol

There’s nothing wrong if you want to drink, but when you start taking too much alcohol you are intentionally overworking the kidney.

This can lead to some health problems like kidney failure, diabetes, and heart disease. Minimize the quantity of alcohol you drink and stay away from drinks that are detrimental to your health.

How can I be healthy while traveling?

1. Watch the kind of food you eat and drink.

2. Stay active.

3. Care for your skin.

4. Avoid bad seats while traveling.

5. Nervous flyer

6. Have sufficient rest.

7. Always travel with your first aid kit.

8. Drink enough water when traveling.

How can I eat healthily and cheaply while traveling?

1. Choose a cafeteria instead of an established restaurant.

2. Pick up some groceries.

3. Eat less.

4. Have a better idea of a good dinner.

5. Consume lunch only instead of dinner in a restaurant

6. Eat some less stressful home-cooked meals.

How can I eat healthy while traveling for work?

1. Visit a chain restaurant.

2. Be ready for any changes

3. Enquire from the servers.

What food can you make in a hotel room?

Meals you can prepare in your hotel room include:

1. Avocado Toast.

2. Buttered Pasta.

3.Vegetables and Couscous

4. Buttered PastBroccoli and Cheddar Baked Potatoes

What foods are good for travel?

1. Fresh fruit such as bananas, apples, oranges, or grapes.

2. Single-serving containers of hummus, guacamole, or tuna.

3. A peanut butter sandwich on whole grain bread.

4. Yogurt.

5. Applesauce.

6. Low-fat string cheese or cheese slices.


When you eat healthily and engage in physical exercise you will remain fit. With these health tips, your trip will be safe and there won’t be any health issues.

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