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How to Obtain a Cuba Tourist Visa

How to Obtain a Cuba Tourist Visa

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How to Obtain a Cuba Tourist Visa

The primary reason you may be considering obtaining a tourist visa for Cuba is your intention to travel to the country. Perhaps you are eager to bask in its sunny beaches, marvel at its architecture, experience the stunning colonial heritage, and relish the overall ambiance that transports you back in time.

However, regardless of your travel purpose, before you finalize your flight and board the plane, your first step should be to determine whether you need to apply for a visa. This article aims to address your inquiries regarding the Cuba tourist visa application process.

How to Get a Tourist Visa for Cuba? (Cuba tourist visa application process).

A Cuba visa can be applied for in the following ways:

1. The application form should be submitted by yourself at the Cuban consulate in your country if there are any.

2. If there is none, it can be submitted to the nearest one, for instance, in a nearby country.

3. Send the application and required documents by mail to the Cuban consulate.

4. As regards this, check with the consulate’s website to know if they need you to send photocopies of your documents or the originals because different consulates have different requirements.

5. Add a pre-paid envelope with enough stamps and an address where the consulate can return your documents.

6. Get someone to apply on your behalf (i.e. an authorized visa application agency).

Another method of application is by:

1. At the Cuban consulate, as mentioned above.

2. it can be obtained online, through an authorized visa application agency.

3. Through a travel agency or tour group that organizes trips to Cuba.

4. At the airport when you’re scheduled to travel to Cuba; however, not all airports offer this type of service.

Note: After you have submitted your Cuba tourist visa application, you must pay a Cuba tourist visa fee, either in cash or through the bank, based on the particular consulate’s requirements. The price ranges from $25 to $75, but if you apply through a visa agency or online, you might be asked to pay extra fees for the service.

A tourist card can only be obtained online or through travel agencies and airports; not really visas, like study or work visas. The Cuba Tourist Card (Tarjeta de Turista) is a different document, either in a green or pink color; it isn’t stamped or affixed to your passport.

How much is a tourist visa for Cuba?

Tourist Visa Fees to Cuba:

Processing Time:              Standard Visa to Cuba 7 business day

Number of Entries:          Single

Validity:                            90 days

Consular Fee:               $85.00

Service fee:                   $89.00

A detailed guide on Cuba visa application

Decide on the visa type:

Decide on the type of visa you need according to the purpose of your trip (e.g., tourism, business, visiting relatives). Contact the Cuban Embassy or Consulate: Contact your nearest Cuban Embassy or Consulate for details and updates on visa requirements and application procedures.

Fill out the application form.

Fill out the visa application form at the Cuban Embassy or Consulate. Make sure all the information is correct and complete.

Fill in the required documents:

Fill in the necessary documents, such as passport, passport size, passport, accommodation arrangement, travel insurance, and special documents related to your visa.

Proof of Financial Competency:

Provide proof of financial viability while you are in Cuba. This may include financial statements, performance evaluations, or other financial information.


Describe your itinerary, including details of your stay in Cuba, return flights, and any planned activities.


Pay the applicable visa fee. Please check with your embassy or consulate for payment methods and fees.

Submit your application:

Send your completed application and all required documents to the Cuban Embassy or Consulate. Check your electronic application options, as some countries allow you to apply online.

Pending Processing:

Please be patient while your visa application is being processed. Opening hours may vary, so please arrive well in advance of your planned travel date.

Get your visa:

Once your visa is approved, collect it from the embassy or consulate. Make sure all information is correct before leaving the office.

Travel to Cuba:

With your visa in hand, you are ready to travel to Cuba. Don’t forget to bring all relevant documents with you when you travel. Please check with your local Cuban Embassy or Consulate for specific rules and procedures, as they may vary depending on your nationality and the purpose of your visit.

Who can get a Cuba tourist card?

Cuba requires all visitors to have a tourist card or immigrant visa. This visa is valid for any traveler not born in Cuba who falls into one of the 12 permitted categories. To travel to Cuba, you need two documents: a passport and a tourist card.

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