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How To Make Your Visa Application Strong

How To Make Your Visa Application Strong

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How To Make Your Visa Application Strong

The immigrants work as a representative of their country, so you can say that you need to be able to convince them that you truly deserve the visa you want and you won’t do anything to sabotage their country. No one wants a fake in their country.

Most times, the main reason visas get rejected is because there seems to be some sort of inconsistency in your documents, and answered questions or two documents are contradicting each other. And when this happens, it doesn’t only make you sad, it affects your next visa application.

It is not a lie that the struggle to get a visa can be daunting sometimes, it takes a lot of processes and documents, including necessary information to navigate visa interviews. It is no doubt that the best way to avoid this process again and get it all at once is to make your visa application strong.

Getting your visa approved is achievable, and can be tiring, but not impossible. So, here, we will be listing tips to make your visa application strong.

1. Research

In everything we do, research is one of the things that won’t be to your disadvantage. Even when the reason for the research is no longer needed, the knowledge gained remains with you forever, and if peradventure someone needs it, you can always give it out.

Back to visa application, the first thing to do is to research the country you want to go to, the neighborhood, the school, the work, the environment, how they treat immigrants, accommodation, hotels, documents needed for visa approval, possible questions they will ask, etc.

2. Meet the Requirements

There are different requirements for different countries and there are different requirements for different visa applications. So this again shows the importance of research, submitting the documents needed for a work visa is different from submitting a document needed for a school visa.

When it comes to requirements, you get different things from different people, but the best way to do it is to ask someone who has gone through it or better still check the official website of the county you are applying to. The requirements rarely change, but it is better to confirm on the official portal before making any move towards compiling documents.

3. Mind the details

On some applications, you will see that the whole aim of a visa interview is not needed, while on some visas interviews are very necessary. It is important to pay attention to necessary instructions and not make mistakes.

It is possible that because you won’t be having a visa interview, you will be required to do more during your visa application form filling. It may be how your passport should be, the color of the passport, how it should be attached to your form, what color of pen to use, and other seemingly mundane things. But to get your visa application strong and accepted, it is better to follow every instruction given.

4. Submit Authentic Documents

submit real document

This cannot be overemphasized. Several people have lost their visas because they lied and were caught in the lie. There are several documents asked for during the whole visa process such as your international passport, the financial statement, admission letter or employment letter, recommendation letter, sponsorship letter, marriage certificate, etc. These documents are not documents you should forge. You must keep your documents as authentic as possible.

If you don’t have the required amount needed for your financials, request sponsorship from your parent or a trusted fellow. Asked for an employment letter, or recommendation letter, provide them. Be unique. Nothing is stopping you from being unique and original. Don’t lose your visa to lies.

5. Provide Evidence

Providing evidence is different from submitting necessary documents. This is you going out of your way to let the visa official know that you are not telling any lie concerning the necessary documents you have submitted and you are willing to prove it. I have 5 million nairas, show the bank statement. I have landed properties that tie me back to my home? Show it, you are married, prove it. Don’t leave any holes untouched. Cover it as much as possible.

Showing evidence makes you more believable, authentic, and trustworthy. They won’t hesitate to approve your visa application.

6. Interview

An interview is the last stage of visa application, immediately you are asked questions and if you have answered, your fate will be determined on the spot. This interview stage is where many flops.

They go to the interview office scared, anxious, and all sorts and come out rejected because they couldn’t answer concisely or kept contradicting each other.

When going for interviews, prepare well, don’t be nervous, know what you are going to do where you are going and be able to answer questions regarding where you are going and where you are coming from.

Answer questions accurately and straight to the point. No need for storytelling, there is a high possibility that they won’t be moved by it. Another thing for making your visa application strong is by dressing moderately for your interview. Dress for the occasion and this is wearing something comfortable and not revealing.

You are not going there to seduce the official and dressing inappropriately might pass that message and the repercussion might not be something you will enjoy.

Some Reasons for Visa Rejection

1. Incomplete Application

Not completing a visa application because of whatever reason is a reason for having your visa rejected.

2. Inconsistent Data

When you write different things inside different documents and they are contradicting each other, then you are on your way to having your visa rejected.

3. Violating Visa Rules and Documentation Process

There are rules guiding the process of a visa and its documentation. Where you are asked for a marriage certificate and you only submit a document that is not your marriage certificate that is a violation.

4. Incomplete Travel Itinerary

Your flight ticket, accommodation, and other stuff are needed when the visa is approved. Even if you are not booking yet, show proof that you are about to book, just waiting for when the approval is granted.

5. Passport Status

When your passport is less than 3 months into expiring, there is a possibility that you will be refused the visa. It is ideal that when applying for a visa, your visa should be valid till the end of your stay if it is a business or tourism trip. For a work or school visa, it is ideal that it is valid for at least 6 months.

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