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How To Know a Fake Visa Agent

How To Know a Fake Visa Agent

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How To Know a Fake Visa Agent

Many fake visa agents are now everywhere. There are so many fake agents posing as real agents. A lot of fraudulent activity in Canadian immigration is increasing.

They deceive foreigners believing they can start a fresh life Abroad. Even with the present economic meltdown in the country, se fraudsters still continue with their fraudulent act. They care less about their scheme of duping innocent persons. They have devised different means of scamming people just to reap off their money usually in the disguise of a genuine immigration agent.

They operate at a very high level. With the kind of system they operate, you won’t perceive anything fishy. You will rarely observe any red flags until you are done. If you are not careful you might fall into their trap.

So if you want to apply for a visa, here are some tips that will help you spot a fake visa Agency, and avoid been scammed online.

Signs of fake visa Agency

1. Poor Website Content

2.Mimicked Websites

3.Wrong Contact Details

4.Strange E-mail messages

5.Whatsapp Payment Requests

6.Fake Visa Consultants

Signs a visa agency is fake

1.Weird E-mail Address

A Famous standard immigration won’t make use of weird email address like It’s necessary you check the address before opening the message. Else you become opened to their scamming act, and it can put your personal details at risk. If you receive a message from a genuine visa agency, it will be linked to their domain.

2.Whatsapp Payment Requests

An honorable immigration agency won’t process your visa application through a WhatsApp chat. The WhatsApp platform is mainly to relate with their clients and also render assistance while registering for the visa. Every other process will be done or communicated through emails or their agents.

You won’t be sent a payment link, neither will you be asked to make payment through WhatsApp channel . The payment option is linked to their official site. The payment made is always secured through their online payment security app.

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3.Fake Visa Consultant

Notable visa consultant agency won’t render paid services when there is no registered immigration Agent, or a qualified immigration lawyer. This immigration lawyer is authorized officially by the Government to render immigration directions and also help you submit your visa application. Even with this you have to be careful in case you are given a wrong code or operating with the wrong person.

One other way they use to dupe people is by using the code of a renowned immigration agency to register, which turns out to be fake at the end.

4.Poor Website Content

An immigration agency with standard will not send wrong or unimportant information. The information you see will be quite different from that of the real company.

They usually appear fake and are poorly written. Their social media logo looks fake. The terms and conditions are not stated and the privacy section is also not complete. Their page has no current contents on any visa application they have done previously.

5.Mimick Website

There are some fraudsters that copy the whole designs of the a renowned immigration agency. They use this scheme to build and earn the trust of prospective clients they intend to scam.

Through this means they convince their clients they are working with a legit agency, when they are fraudsters in disguise. If you come across this, make sure you check their details properly because certainly there will be difference.

Those scammers though smart still skip some important information on their website. You can also use their code to verify the account.

6.When The Numbers Just Don’t Add Up

Notable immigration agency won’t have the contact address different from the address of the immigration agency. The name of the agency remains the same but most times, the contact address is different from the one on their website. For instance if the agency’s country’s contact number is +122 the fake address contact would be +991. Making it different from the original contact address.

7.Fake visa agents cannot explain, in clear terms, how they would help you with your visa application

Fraudsters find it difficult to explain in details their system of operation. Reason is they can’t provide you with genuine information, since they don’t have access to it.

There are lots of visa agents who act like they are visa agents, but apparently they are not. All they do is get one or two information, about the visa agency they will use for scamming people.

8.Fake visa agents make unreasonable promises

A very clear sign to look out for is their words and what they promise to offer. So you must stay away from agents who make unrealistic promises.

A lot of fake visa agents use this scheme to deceive people, because it’s believed that you can convince people with a smart lie.

You will be told you don’t have to meet up with the embassy requirements before getting a visa. They only talk more about your payment fee, rather than how the process will be like and what it entails.

9.Fake visa agents cannot account for what they charge for

Normally when applying for a visa with an agency they give a direct cost. A fake visa agents will give any amount, not minding the cost for the visa. Reason is they are after their money, so they quote any amount as long as they are able to dupe whoever that falls in their trap. You keep receiving calls from them, asking you for one payment fee or the other without giving a good reason for the charges.

10. Fake visa agents do not have a physical office

Carrying out a transaction online alone is obviously not safe. It is very risky to process a visa with someone you just met online. Before you proceed try to know their office or place, visit to be sure it’s the right address.

Do not just visit them, make sure you investigate about them to know if it’s their right place. With the information you can easily spot if something is not right and decide if you would continue or not.


A fake visa agent might not appear fake at the first meeting but at subsequent times you will spot the difference. It is adviceable not to rush the process. Go through every details carefully and carryout an investigation about the agency.

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