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How to Get a Work Visa as a Nurse in US and Canada

How to Get a Work Visa as a Nurse in US and Canada

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How to Get a Work Visa as a Nurse in US and Canada

You are a nurse and you are wondering how you can get a work visa outside your home country, especially in US and Canada. You are in the right place. Nurses are in high demand around the world. Research says Canada will need over 60,000 nurses by 2022. How then do you get a work visa as a nurse?

There are several ways to get a visa as a nurse in Canada and the US and we will be listing them here.

How to Get a Work Visa as a Nurse in Canada

Canada is a place where the country is looking for experienced nurses. To even get their work visa is easy and we will be listing that now and the hospitals that also give easy work visas. Working in Canada is becoming a popular trend for several reasons. This is due to the accommodation, some benefits, and other exciting opportunities.


The first thing to note when it comes to getting a work visa as a nurse is to find out if you are eligible for the working visa. When it comes to a visa, you have to know the requirements needed for eligibility fora working visa. Some of the requirements will be listed below:

Requirements needed for Eligibility

  • You have to show them that after your work visa expires, you will go back home
  • You must also prove that you have the financial capability to take care of yourself, if you are going alone, or take care of your family if you are going together.
  • You must prove that you are law-abiding and you have no criminal history against you
  • You must also show that you are not a danger to Canada’s security
  • Your health is paramount, you must be able to show that you are medically fit, and you may be required to take a test to that word
  • You must prove that you don’t plan on working for an ineligible employer
  • You must also prove that you are not coming to work for an employer who is involved in erotic dance, escort services for those into erotic dances, etc.
  • You must be able to provide the necessary documents required by the officers

Pick your Destination

It is not enough that you can meet the requirements, you must also be conscious of the environment you are going to.There are skilled workers out there not aware of specific locations that are in high need of nurses. Examples of places that require nurses are British Columbia, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick as well as Newfoundland, and Labrador.

British Columbia

The British Columbia Program is the type of program offered in Canada to nurses and psychiatrists that are registered as well as nurses who have job offers in that province.

New Brunswick

New Brunswick needs registered nurses and nurses that are licensed, practitioners. They also need support workers. Employment has been provided in both English and French. A priority has been made to enlist, permit, and maintain the needed professionals.

New Brunswick also offers the New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Programwhichoffers permanent residency to registered nurses and licensed practitioners and gives job offers in that province.

Nova Scotia

With many nurses retiring in the nearest future, a large number of vacancies will be available in soon and Nova Scotia is doing things to fill those vacancies up.

Nova Scotia also offers permanent residency to licensed nurses under Nova Scotia Demand Entry Stream in Canada. Is your permanent residency visa not approved yet? Apply for a temporary Canadian work visa.

How to Get a Work Visa as a Nurse in the US

 U.S immigration law tries to give preference to some types of immigrants by giving them temporary work visas and permanent residence. We also know that the U.S is mostly short of healthcare workers and because of that always in perpetual need of nurses.

So it is easy to get a work visa as a nurse in the US, all you have to do is meet with your employer who does the major job.

Immigration Process 

This starts when your employer submits the immigration visa petition also known as Form I-140 to the US citizenship and Immigration Services center which has the power to position nurses in their intended place of employment. The form by the Labor Department ETA 9089 must also be used to accompany it. Wage determination and other necessary documents must also be accompanied.

Where your employer wants to sponsor your green card, you must first be offered a full-time, permanent position as a nurse. It should also be noted that your employer must the “labor certification” process in your stead. It is called PERM/labor certification. This is easy to do for people in the nursing profession.

Schedule A

The nurse position is called Schedule A. This is what the US government recognizes and needs workers to fill. For this kind of position, employers are not allowed to put out adverts or vacancies because it is obvious to the government it is already.

It is the US employer that fills this form on behalf of the coming nurse and the form to fill is called ETA Form 9089, but it must be submitted along with I-140 to USCIS and not the department of labor as that is the agency that reviews the form.

Immigrant Visa Petition (Form I-140)

Once an  I-140 petition has been approved, the nurse visa number will be available. But where there has been a delay to the visa, applying for US green card is the next option.

TN Visa

The TN visa is also available to registered nurses and practitioners in the US, however, it is only available to nurses in Mexica and Canada. They can use this special visa to work in the US where the person gets an offer of employment, practicing license, and has passed the required NCLEX and other requirements.

Other Requirements

  • You must meet the necessary educational background such as RN in your home country
  • You must also take the English proficiency test if it is made compulsory
  • You must also pass the NCLEX-RN
  • You must have an employer in the US or have a recruiting agency
  • You must then apply and get a US immigrant visa or green card
  • You must take the necessary medical examination to confirm your medical status.

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