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How To Book Cheap Flights

How To Book Cheap Flights


How To Book Cheap Flights

The hassles travelers face in trying to get cheap accommodations are fully understood. After spending so much on flights, booking expensive accommodation is definitely the last thing on your mind. We know how it can be sourcing for cheap accommodations that is why we are here to help you with your accommodations during travels.

There are several ways of searching for cheap accommodations and there are advantages and disadvantages of booking cheap flights. We will be mentioning this in this article before delving into how to book cheap accommodations.

The two ways of booking cheap accommodations are; through online booking engine, or using the official hotel’s website. The hotels have a website where they post the amount of money they book a hotel. However, comparing it with booking engines, it is a bit higher.

Here we are going to solely focus on engine sites for booking your cheap accommodation.

Booking Engines

There are several booking engines specifically for booking flights to search from, you don’t need third parties such as agents to help you with your bookings. One of the best ways to do this is to search for multiple booking sites to compare prices. You might think it is cheaper here only to find out that it is way cheaper someone else.

With several booking engines, you have an opportunity to choose which hotel or accommodation to make use of. Also, some booking engines supports application, and there are added benefits to downloading their apps to book cheap accommodations. These engines offers pecks and benefits for booking cheap accommodation.

Some booking engines are, is the largest accommodation engine, having over 30 million properties listed on various websites online ranging from apartments to resort to hostels and accommodations.

For cheap accommodation, you can also make use of, it is also similar to giving you a wide range of options for booking cheap hotels. Others are:, Hotel Combined, Trip Advisor.

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Loyalty Programs Sign-up

One of the ways to get cheap accommodation is to sign up for a loyalty program. Every company has something they want to sell and most times, the email newsletter is how they do it. When you are offered to sign up for a newsletter, please do. In those newsletters, freebies are given such as points and such points can be used to reduce the price or give free Wi-Fi, or sometimes, an upgraded room.

One major advantage of this newsletter signup is that, when there is a discounted price, subscribers are the first to know. Another way to get points include the buy one get one free scheme, or buying something to accrue point. While this may sound like a scam, the $1 or $2 you are spending is accumulating points for you, then one day you can use your points to get a free room. offers free accommodation after every 8 stay in their hotels. It is a loyalty reward. For being loyal to them. These are major ways of getting cheap accommodation and they are easy to do.

Use Booking Engine That Offers Reward

We mentioned hotel rewards the other time, now this is for the search engine itself. There are some search engines that because you visit there regularly for your bookings, they keep reward for you. Sign up to search engines like that to be able to get discount for your next booking accommodation.

Share a Room

It is possible that you luckily have someone you are going on the trip with or meet someone in transit. What you can just do is order a suite and share the cost with the person that saves the amount only you would have paid as a solo traveler. Getting this suite will also come with pecks that a normal room will not come with, so, it is not a bad idea.

Book a Flight and Hotel Package

One of the ways to also get cheap accommodation is booking both together. There are hotels and airports that partner together, and from experience, it has been said that booking both together is cheaper than booking separately.

If you are skeptical about this, try to book separately, calculate the price and then try booking together. Whichever comes out cheaper, go for it. The goal is to get cheap accommodation after all, trying everything is not a bad idea.

Bid a room or book a mystery room

Bidding a room can be very intriguing and it brings out how lucky you can be when it comes to gambling. Here, biding a room requires knowing the nitty gritty of how bidding works and then going for it. Bidding can require you dropping some amount of money and then luckily winning such accommodation. We have heard of the experience of bidding a room and then getting it for a cheap price. While there are downsides to this, getting a cheap accommodation is worth it.

Also, another way to get a cheap accommodation is through booking a mysterious room. Now, here, unlike the bidding a room you see, you don’t know about the room, you only know the location. But the hotel itself, you do not know. Immediately you book it that is when your hotel and the major details comes up. These accommodations go for a cheap price and trying it out won’t be bad.


Yes, hostels. Hostels are alternative of hotels and they offer cheaper accommodation than hotels. There are several hostels that are very comfortable and great to lodge for the period pf your vacation or visit. Hostels such as this may comprise of two to three rooms with kitchen and toilet. Everything will be available for your comfort especially when you have a family you are coming with, and the children.

Hotels can also be as a dormitory, especially if it is just you alone and you just want to spend about a week. There are different kinds of hotels, you just need to search well, or ask someone who knows much about it. There are several quality hostels everywhere.

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