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How to Book a Local Flight Ticket online in Nigeria

How to Book a Local Flight Ticket online in Nigeria


How to Book a Local Flight Ticket online in Nigeria

Traveling can be very stressful. It feels like there are so many arrangements to be made, almost at the same time. Making plans for a travel itinerary is not an easy task at all, especially if you want to travel by air. You should have an idea of how to book a ticket online in Nigeria to ease the stress of traveling. When it comes to booking flights, you must be equipped with the useful information needed. You need to know the requirements for the purchase to make it stress-free, secure, simple, and convenient. Go through the steps below to get practical guides on online local flight booking in Nigeria.

How to book a local flight online in Nigeria

♠ Select an online flight booking service

♠ Click on your departure and city destination, as well as the dates you will be traveling.

♠ Search for available flights and select the best one for your trip.

♠ Click on the right information and choose the one on your ID

♠ Choose any options, like extra baggage or insurance.

♠ Validate a better method of payment.

♠ Make the payment

♠ Your e-ticket will be sent to your inbox.

Flight and passenger details

First, you should know some information about the destination you are traveling to, as well as information like the dates you intend to travel and return home. You need things like your personal details, which should be on your flight ticket. Make sure you have full information on what you need for a flight booking to facilitate the process.

The information you need is:

♠ Dates (one way or return), the choice of airline, airports you will fly to, and number of passengers

♠ Personal information: full name, which must be spelled the same way it is on your ID or passport, and date of birth.

♠ Flight duration and accurate departure times.

♠ ID number for domestic flights or passport number for international flights.

♠ Choice of Cabin class (Economy / Premium Economy / Business / First Class / Suites)

Requirements for booking a flight ticket online in Nigeria for local flights

For local flight bookings in Nigeria, you need your ID number, original ID card, and booking reference number. Passengers under the age of 16 will require a written permit from their parents or guardians and a birth certificate.

Valid means of identification

♠ You are required to submit a valid means of identification if you’re traveling abroad. You should be sure your passport, voter’s card, or driver’s license is still valid and doesn’t contradict the other travel documents you have.

♠ Another one is your National Identification Card (NIC). It is also an acceptable form of identification, but make sure it hasn’t expired. You can use the NIMC website to process your NIC details.

Travel Insurance

If you want the best out of your trip, then you must try to purchase travel insurance. You should have it at hand in case you misplace your luggage because of unexpected issues like delayed flights or theft, based on the terms and conditions of the deal.

Payment Information

If you’re booking flights online, travelers should be ready to provide details of their credit or debit card. Be sure you already have your credit card before you click on book now. You also should know your credit card number and who uses it.

Do you need a passport when you book your flights?

No. If you are booking your flight online, you won’t be asked to enter your passport number. Rather, you will need it when you want to book flight packages and go in for your flight.

The best way to pay for your flight

There are various methods available for paying for airline tickets, including online, bank transfer, and point of sale. If you are done with the bookings and you are set to make payments, select the most convenient means of making payments.

To make payment for your flight online, you will submit the name on the credit or debit card, the card number, and the 3-digit CVV code at the back of your card, as well as the expiration date of the card.

Should you print out your ticket ahead of arriving at the airport?

It is not needed to print itineraries or tickets in advance. The only thing the airline officials at the airport will ask for is your form of identification and reference number to enable you to get in for your flight.

Where to collect your tickets

Presently, it is so common for your ticket to be sent to your email, where you can print it anywhere at any time. Once the payment is done, your e-ticket and boarding pass will be given to you; just download them to your mobile device and submit them at the security check. Be aware that you might still have to be in the queue at your assigned airline’s check-in counter if you have luggage to check in. If you prefer to pick up your ticket at the airline office, they will let you know when to come and pick it up.

Wrapping up

With the aforementioned details provided, you should be able to book your local flight online with ease. Make sure you follow the procedures without skipping anyone; with this, your bookings will be much faster.

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