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How To Apply for A Scholarship

How To Apply for A Scholarship


How To Apply for A Scholarship

Definition of Scholarship

A scholarship is defined as “a certain amount of money issued by a university, college, school or any other organization to sponsor students’ academic pursuit.”

Scholarships are basically to support students financially who intend to go to school or are already in school. Some scholarship schemes are very tractable and permit every student to apply irrespective of their academic performance and strength.

Who is eligible to apply for scholarships?

Scholarship differs and it depends on the category of scholarship you are applying for. Before you apply for a scholarship you need to check the category of scholarship if you are eligible to apply. For instance, some scholarships are for master’s, undergraduate, postgraduate, Ph.D. etc. They are always specific, so if you are eligible you can go ahead to apply.

When can you apply for scholarships

You can apply for a scholarship anytime there is an advert for it and do it frequently to increase your chances of been awarded. Always apply on time because most scholarship has deadline, if you miss the deadline you can’t apply again until they place another advert for it.

There’s no need to worry if you miss the first ones, you can apply for other scholarship schemes that advertise later. You can apply yearly since there’s always scholarship available for every student.

Scholarship Application Tips

When you are set to apply for a scholarship have it in mind that different scholarships have their various criteria and requirements. This requirement will help you know if you are qualified and also help you prepare.

1.Be smart

There is no registration fee for scholarship or for the scholarship searches.  Some schools and counselors can recommend a scholarship for you and assist you in the preparation.

2.Don’t skip lesser scholarship

Never underrate smaller scholarship schemes. No matter how small they give it will go a long way to pay for some fees.

3.Be sincere

Never you give false information like increasing your grades, skills, memberships, or qualifications you have. You have a chance of being awarded a scholarship if you give the right information about yourself and if you apply for the ones that you can fit into.

4.Activeness and regularity

If you want to get a scholarship always apply every year while you are in college . There is a higher percentage of scholarship available for students already in college.

5.Be focused

Make sure you read the information stated carefully, some scholarship may ask you to write an essay while others may not or may demand for a recommendation letter. Give want they request for and go through it properly. A little error like typographical errors or failure to submit some files might make you loose the scholarship.

6. Be on time.

There are some scholarship that doesn’t take long for you to apply, while others might take longer. Try to keep to time and meet up their deadline. If you can’t submit your application online make use of a valid Email. You can be disqualified if you miss a deadline.

Where to find and apply for college scholarships

Look at your hobbies in a new way.

1.Scholarships are not for the best students with good grades. There are also Scholarship schemes that award scholarship based on your skills and other potentials. So if you can’t fit in for academic scholarship make use of your skills.

2.Register for Scholarship Search.

The free Scholarship Search engine enables you to access about 6million scholarships that is worth close to $30 billion. You can apply for scholarships that fits your potentials, skills, activities, and what you are interested in. You can also place a notification message that will notify  you when there is a recent scholarship that matches your profile.

3.Meet with your school counselor and others.

You can also discuss with your school counselor to enquire for a scholarship that you can apply for. Be alert in case there is an advert for scholarship in your city. You may be lucky to hear of scholarship opportunities from anywhere.

4.Consider scholarships for minority students.

You can also opt in for scholarship made for minority student. There are scholarships  that are available for minority students which will enable you pay your fees.

How can you apply for a scholarship?

When you finally find a scholarship, you can go ahead with applying for it if you meet the requirements.

Below are steps on how to apply for a scholarship:

1.Register for the scholarship, by filling a form online with your personal details.

2.Go through your Email to ensure your registration was successful.

3.Go on to write an essay if it’s included in the requirements. You can browse online on how to write a scholarship essay, but be sure to be real in your write up and be impressive.

4.Have the original copies of your academic, athletic, or artistic achievements.

5.Review  all documents and check for errors and send them to the scholarship unit.

6.Submit the acceptance letter from the institution stating you have been selected.

7.Check the result later, if you were selected you can finally celebrate your success.

What types of scholarships are out there?

1.Scholarships for an outstanding academic results still known as merit scholarships.

2.Scholarships for artistic, research, or athletic achievements.

3.Scholarships for students with low finance.

4.Scholarships for under-represented groups (e.g. women, Hispanic and African-American students, and citizens from developing countries)

5.Scholarships for all international students.

Documents required for a scholarship

1. Certificates of your previous education (first degree, SSSCE, school leaving exams etc.)

2.Letters of recommendation (work/academic)

3.Language certificate such as TOEFL, IELTS.

4. Motivation letter

5.Current CGPA for undergraduate scholarship.

6.Curriculum Vitae (resume). Sometimes you might be asked to present samples of your past work like an essay etc.


With these tips applying for Scholarship will be very smooth. Am sure after you read this you will be happy you did. Follow the instructions carefully and make sure you apply at the write time. Goodluck!

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