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Fully Funded Scholarships For International Students

Fully Funded Scholarships For International Students


Fully Funded Scholarships For International Students

There are several people out there with great knowledge and fire ambition but without the necessary help to work this ambition out. In cases like this, scholarship is the best way and route to use. A scholarship is a grant that several schools grant to students; international or national.

There are several scholarship opportunities available for students around the world, it may be fully funded or partly. The essence of this scholarship is to help students get to the heights they could not reach due to financial crises.

Here, we will be giving you several schools that run fully funded scholarships. You must note that when it comes to fully-funded scholarships, it is based on the location of the country. Schools in Canada, Australia, and Europe are known for giving fully funded scholarships and here we will be. listing some of the schools.

For Canada

When it comes to studying in Canada, the cost of studying is reasonable in the sense that, it is affordable. The fees for studying are lower compared to other schools such as England, the U.S.A., Australia, etc. also, there are opportunities to get jobs faster. Here, we will be providing 4 fully funded scholarship schools in Canada. Go through them and choose the one that suits your passion

1.University of Toronto

The University of Toronto offers a scholarship of ‘The Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship’. This scholarship is for both national and international students who have performed well in their school. This scholarship aims to build their dream for them for free during their four years of schooling.

Note that this scholarship is on the undergraduate level, and if you have kids just graduating from secondary school, this scholarship is for them. For more info, click here

2.University of Calgary

The University of Calgary has on its website listed several scholarship opportunities across all spheres. The International Entrance Scholarship is a reputable award given to international students. To get this one must not only be sound academically but also in other aspects outside school.

Note that this scholarship is for people who want to venture into their undergraduate studies. Tap here for more info.

3.McGill University

McGill University scholarships are fully funded scholarships for undergraduates, masters, and Ph.D. students. The Scholarship weighs as far as $8500 for the undergraduates. A reasonable amount is also provided for Master’ degrees and Ph.D. students. To know more about this scholarship, click here

4.University of Manitoba

The University of Manitoba offers fully-funded scholarships to their international student who qualifies for the sward. They issue more than $20 million to the students as scholarships and bursaries. There are criteria to get awarded this award. To know more about this, visit here

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For Australia

Just like Canada, Australia also offers scholarships to its international students. After the United States, Australia is seen as one of the best schools out there.

A large amount of scholarship are offered to study their undergraduate, Masters and even Ph.D. According to what the UN said, Australia is said to be the second-best country to live in. Most of the scholarships are funded by the government so one can comfortably apply for them.

1.Australian Government Scholarship at the University of Adelaide

This scholarship is only available to masters and Ph.D. student who wants to further their education. It is funded by the Government of the Australian country. For more, click here

2.Australian Government Scholarship at the University of Griffith

This scholarship is also funded by the Australian Government for anyone who intends to go for Masters or Ph.D. For more info and eligibility status, click here

3.Australian Government Scholarship at University of South Wales

This scholarship is also available for Masters and Ph.D. students who wish to further their education. This is paid for by the government.

4.Scholarship at Monash University

This scholarship is available for as many as 800 international and national students. This is for everyone who wishes to further their master’s or Ph.D. education. The requirement, eligibility, and resumption are available on their website, click here for more info

5.Deakin University Scholarship

This is also a government-funded scholarship for everyone who wishes to go for masters and Ph.D. degree. The eligibility and requirement are available on their website. For more info, click here

6.University of Flinders

The University of Flinders also offers government-sponsored fully funded scholarships for students for bachelor’s degree, Masters’ degrees, and even Ph.D. Program. For more info, please visit here.

For Europe

1.Scotland Saltire’s Scholarship

The Scottish government partnering with the school is offering a fully-funded scholarship to international students to enroll for masters’ degrees.

This is especially for technology, creative industries, healthcare, science, etc. it is also for specific countries. For more info, please click here. The deadline for applying is May and resumption starts infall.

2.Nottingham Solutions Developing Scholarship

This scholarship is specifically for international students from India, Africa, or other commonwealth countries for students who wants to further their education and get a Masters’ degree. For more info, please click here. The deadline for applying is 22nd of May and resumption starts by September.

3.UCL Global Masters for International Student

This scholarship is for student from low background who wishes to pursue their masters and don’t have the means to. The school is based in the United Kingdom and welcomes everyone from low background. The application closes on the 12th of May and resumption starts September. To apply and know more about it, click here

4.School of International Development, UAE

The University of East Anglai located in the UK is offering a competitive scholarship to students who wishes to further their education by obtaining a Masters’ degree. The scholarship is available for just three students and covers the whole tuition fee. For more info, click here. The deadline is 31st May annually and school starts in September.

5.University of Birmingham Global Masters Scholarships

This scholarship award is for students who wish to further their education to pursue their Masters degrees. The scholarship award is available to 40 students and application submission is from August to October (annually) and resumption starts in September. For more info and eligibility status, click here.

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