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Common Problems of Moving Overseas

Common Problems of Moving Overseas


Common Problems of Moving Overseas

Traveling overseas is interesting; it’s a lovely place to be. When you first arrive, you feel at home and enjoy the beautiful, serene atmosphere.

Even with this exciting environment and the comfortable lifestyle you are living there, you will still face hiccups during your stay.

Most people believe that traveling abroad is fun alone without challenges. Still, you can’t stay in place without having one or two issues. Below are some common challenges you might face when traveling overseas.

Common Challenges of Traveling Abroad

1. Adjusting to different work culture

Every country has a work culture and operates differently regarding its principles and protocols.

For example, the work culture of the Philippines and Sweden is different. Sweden is one of the best countries with a convenient work culture, but you must hustle to make a living in the Philippines.

In Sweden, there are different companies, and it is opportune for you to work with a foreign country. You work with people from other work systems, and they work based on their work culture.

One of the challenges of moving abroad is adjusting to the local work culture. This isn’t easy because the country you are coming from has a different working principle.

It becomes a challenge because you cannot adjust to their system. You need to be open & try to withhold your judgments and assumptions.

Working with new people can be interesting because you learn something new from them and improve your working standards.

2. Distance from home

Another significant challenge is the distance from home. It’s shocking, right? The distance from home will make you spend more when traveling and reduce your time visiting your family. For instance, if you stay in Manilla and work in Canada, going home to see your family will be expensive compared to working within your residence.

3. Language barriers

This is a major challenge most people encounter, especially when they have no idea how to speak their language before traveling. Communication is a crucial factor when working with people in general. They understand you can’t work with them if you can’t communicate in the language.

Imagine you are working in the Philippines, where they communicate in Calog, and you only speak and hear English. You will have language barrier issues, making your job uninteresting, especially when there is no one to interpret for you.

Moving to a country where the language differs from your mother tongue would be a challenge!

4. Losing contact with friends

Losing contact happens often, especially when you relocate. Although it’s normal, it can be lonely not to be able to communicate with your family and friends for a long time.

You might have the contacts of close family members and friends, but still, there are some you lose, and you wish you could catch up again. Well, that’s one thing you experience when traveling overseas!

Even if you still have their contact, the communication won’t be the same because of distance. As they say, “Out of sight is out of mind.”

5. Getting overwhelmed with living abroad challenges

I guess this hits you hard. The joy that overwhelms you as a new person abroad is even enough to drain you. Having so much luggage, you are like, where would I start? I can imagine how you would feel because I was once in that situation.

Once you arrive overseas, many things start to happen, and you begin to feel the pressure of these events.

When you begin a new job, you must find a place to stay and organize yourself. All these activities can be very tasking.

The best way to take care of these things without feeling stressed out is by handling them one at a time. Don’t rush everything quickly; it will weigh you down.

You can take the time to plan your house chores by getting some kitchen appliances that will help facilitate the process and lessen the workload. When you are done organizing yourself, you can breathe fresh air and feel alive again. This time, you have handled the pressure.

6. Adjusting to work in a new country

Working in a new place, especially in a different environment, is fascinating. But overlooking the challenges you have to deal with at first is like a woman who forgets she will have to go through labor before giving birth. Adjusting to your new job and working environment is not what you can easily blend with.

As an expat, you have to adjust to everything, including the work culture, food, language, lifestyle, environment, etc. The major problem is dealing with everything at once. Be sure your work is straightforward and tractable so everything will fall into place.

7. Fitting in as an expat

Feeling out of place is natural when you find yourself in a new environment. As an expat in a new country, you see many strange things. You come from a different place, with a distinct culture from your residence. Fitting in and settling down with everything around you will be a big challenge.

As an expat traveling overseas, you should have an open mind and be aware that there are many approaches to life and different cultures. So you don’t have to be rigid about your lifestyle. Prepare yourself to accept, learn, and adjust to a new environment to have peace of mind while in that country. This is called “Cultural Intelligence,” and mastering it will help you blend easily. The first 30 days as an expat can be like a whirlwind, but things will slowly fall into place. It would be best to remember that fitting in is not such a big deal and isn’t new. You have to do a little hard work, and everything will fall into place. Don’t exempt yourself from their cultural events and other events. This way, you will learn faster and adjust.

When you mingle with them, you get a clue about how things are done, so you don’t feel out of place. You can only adjust when you associate with people and subject yourself to the new change occurring in your life.

8. Making friends

Making new friends is more accessible for some, while for others, it’s complicated. While some find it easy to mingle with people, others find it challenging. They love to be on their own. It won’t be easy to adjust to a new environment with such people.

If you find meeting and talking with people challenging, try using a search method. Examples of search methods are searching for friends in groups online, researching the expat community, and finding expat activities on social media.

Join these social groups. They will expose you to different categories of people from whom you can learn things and ask questions.


If you plan to travel overseas, don’t let this scare you and make you cancel your plans to accept the job offer or whatever is taking you there. These things happen every day, and you will get over them and adjust quickly. Just get yourself prepared for the changes, and feel free; don’t panic.

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