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Canadian Visa Lottery Application Portal

Canadian Visa Lottery Application Portal


Canadian Visa Lottery Application Portal

You want to visit Canada and you are wondering if you can get a visa lottery and move to Canada for work, sightseeing, business, or permanent immigration? You are in the right place. Follow through with this thread to know more.

Canada is a country constituted as a part of North America. It has borders with three oceans. Canada is known as the second-largest country in the world. It shares borders with the United States. it is also close to the Pacific, Arctic, and Atlantic.

Canada gained its independence in 1982 and got its own constitution. It is also a part of the British Commonwealth. Canada is a breathtaking place with beautiful scenery and landscape. With its beautiful food with various trips on the road and beautiful oceans and hills to explore.

Asides from that, if you are coming to Canada for school, you have several options too and the ability to work for up to 20 hours per, there are also several opportunities for internships, jobs and ability to explore the country’s uniqueness.

1.Canadian Visa

The Canadian visa is one of the easiest visa to get so people often opt for it especially for when traveling to sightsee. There are types of Canadian visa, they are:

  • Students Canada Visa
  • Skilled Workers
  • Tourist Canadian
  • Visitor Canadian
  • Farmworker Canadian
  • Pilgrimage Canadian
  • Diplomat Canadian
  • Transit Canadian

All visas have their specific requirements so, if you have found the type of visa you want to apply for, head to their official portal and get the necessary documents needed. Note that your international passport is needed even before you can apply for this visa, so get it ready.

5 Places to Visit as a Tourist in Canada

From the beautiful mountains to vacation destinations and numerous entertainment, there are several places to visit in Canada.

1.Niagara Falls

This is a place that one must visit when you visit Canadas. It is a beautiful place approximating 57m above ground which gives it one of the major reasons tourist can resist. Using a helicopter, you can see the beauty of the attraction by walking closely with them.

2.Jasper National Park

This is the largest park in Canadian Rockies. It is a good place for exploration. You can either hike or go for a whitewater rift. Snapping pictures is also an advantage. It also has beautiful scenery.

3.Toronto’s CN Tower

This is a tower that is as high as 553 meters and tit takes over the skyline. It is at the shores of Lake Ontario. This is another reason why going to Canada is one fun place to go to.


This is one of the popular places to visit in Canada as it allows outdoor activities including skiing, swimming and strolling around the park. It also has various tourist attractions such as museums and markets outdoor


Want an adventure? Then whistler is a place to visit. The resort is in British Columbia having almost everything to boast of skiing, snowboarding, bobsled rides and jumping.

Canada Visa Lottery

This and more are reasons why people want to visit Canada to explore the country and enjoy the fine landscape.

Visa lottery is first started in the US and has since then been established in the Immigration Act in order to attract foreigners to the country.

How to Apply for Free Canadian Visa Lottery Application Form

  • Visit;
  • Pick your form for filling
  • Provide the necessary information such as your contact
  • Fill your profile
  • Your net worth will also be added
  • Your language
  • Work history of you have one
  • Job offer in Canada if you have
  • Fill your family and friends in the provided place
  • Submit it

Before Applying

Before you fill the form, you must confirm if it is that you are eligible to fill the form and be given visa to come over to Canada.

There, you will be asked some questions, when you answer the questions and they see that you deserve a visa, you will be given a reference code which you will log in to your portal before you start filling your form.

Other Required Documents

  • International passport
  • Work/ study or immigration visa
  • Photocopy of permission to stay or work in Canada
  • Financial evidence that you can sort yourself out when you are in Canada. You will be required to provide your bank statement from last 4 months
  • Color photographs
  • Proof of travel

Important Notice

It should be noted the Canadian government does not support visa lottery and no such application is online. This caution is on the Canadian website that says they have no link whatsoever to immigration lottery. Canada only operates the normal immigration visa through their immigration agencies

Note that:

  • The government does not offer visa lottery
  • Don’t lose your money to fraud claiming there is Canada visa lottery. There is no Canada
  • The only immigration agencies is the com ran by the Canadian Immigration firm

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