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Can I get an Admission for a Master’s abroad with a Low CGPA?

Can I get an Admission for a Master’s abroad with a Low CGPA?


Can I get an Admission for a Master’s abroad with a Low CGPA?

You seem to want to go for your master’s but unfortunately, you have a low GPA. Now you are stuck because to get into a school for your masters degree you need a good cgpa. What to do? Read on!

First, we will analyze what a low GPA is. When it comes to cgpa, it can be more either be on a scale o 4.0 or a scale of 5.0. with a 4.0, anything 3 points and above is great. See this

For a 5.0 grade point

  • 1 to 1.49: Very Bad (Unclassified or Ordinary)
  • 5– 2.49: Very Low (Third Class Honour)
  • 5 – 3.49: Low (Second-Class Lower Honour)
  • 5 to 4.49: Good (Second-Class Upper Honour)
  • 5 to 5.0: Very Good (First Class Honour)

For a 4.0 grade point

  • 0 to 0.99: Very Bad (Unclassified or Ordinary)
  • 0 to 2.3: Very Low (Third Class Honour)
  • 7 to 3.0: Low (Second-Class Lower Honour)
  • 3 to 3.7: Good (Second-Class Upper Honour)
  • 0: Very Good (First Class Honour)

Now that we know what a bad GPA and a good GPA are, the next thing to know is which schools will allow an international student with a bad cgpa to come to their school?
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There was a time when several schools were more interested in students with outstanding academic performance but now, most schools have tuned down and can now see that there is more to just academic performance.

We will be listing some of the schools in some countries that allow low GPAs;

Universities that allow low GPA in the US

Universities Minimum Grade points
Adelphi University 2.5
Louisiana State University 2.0
California State University 3.2
Southern Arkansas University 3.3
North Carolina State University 2.0
Lewis Clark State College 2.0
Massachusetts State University 3.0
Southern New Hampshire University 2.5
Southern University at New Orleans 2.3
The University of Pittsburgh at Bradford 3.31
Purdue University Global 2.5
University of Wisconsin 3.2
Metropolitan College of New York 2.1

Universities that allow low GPA in the UK

Universities Minimum Grade points
University of Sunderland 2.5
Leeds Beckett University 2.9
Cardiff Metropolitan University 2.0
University of Wolverhampton 2.5

University of Portsmouth

University of Westminster 2.7
University of Warwick 2.5

Universities in Canada

Universities Minimum Grade points
Concordia University 3.0
University of Regina 2.9
Dalhousie University


Simon Fraser University


University of Manitoba


Fairleigh Dickinson University


Technical University of nova scotia



Can I get an Admission for a Master’s abroad with a Low CGPA?

The short answer is YES. The long of it is that when applying, you have to show that you are worthy of being given such admission and that will show in your required document such as your motivation letter and CV.

A list of what to do are;

1.Write a great motivational letter

Your motivational letter is needed whether you have a great cgpa or not, however, it is more needed when your cgpa is low. In your motivation letter, explain why your GPA is low. Whether it is because you had to do full time to get y school or because of some other important things, explain it.

2.Take up Professional courses

Another way to make up for not doing well in school is to take up some professional courses and pass them well. Academics is not the only criteria for achievement, outside school success is also success.

3.Increase Extracurricular Activities

Another way to let them know that you are worthy of admission with a low GPA is by doing great during extracurricular activities. It can include sports, competitions, people management, etc. trying to do something to show took your time for not being able to meet up academically.

4.Pass Your Exam in Flying Colors

The best way to show that you deserve a chance with a low GPA is by outshining students in the entrance exam such as the IELTS or GRE or whatever the exam may be. Do exceedingly great and watch them give you your admission with your low GPA.

5.Have Work Experience in the Field of Interest

Having work experience shows that you are interested in the specific course you are pursuing. Take up internships on it. Even with your low GPA, you can get admission into the school you want to.
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